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  1. Nope, works with Xbx and 360. However the platinum hits edition and the standard edition of Battlefront II are incompatible with each other over system link.
  2. It creates a transparent VPN between the consoles and uses the internet to bridge the gap between System Links.
  3. Sup Trench; Long time no see.

  4. Anyone here still plays on Xbox? I'm looking to try and setup a few matches over System Link + XBConnect; Post if you're interested.
  5. How does damage immunity differ from damage resistance? For example, If I'm wearing a Krath Holy Battle Suit with a Mark V Armorweave underlay w/ a damage immunity of 30% and I get attacked by a enemy with a regular blaster of 1-8 energy damage & 20-20x2 critical hit ratio, how will I be effected as opposed to having a 5/- damage resistance to energy damage?
  6. Unfortunately for me, my cpu (AMD Athlong 1.2ghz Socket A) doesn't support SSE, putting a massive inhibitor on 3D Acceleration abilities in windows XP, despite using pre-SSE drivers for my Nvidia card. (I have a hypothesis that earlier versions of DirectX 9 might not require SSE, but I am unsure). So, this being the case, I am forced to resign to Win98SE for all my gaming. Is it possible that installing 98 drivers for a USB2.0 controller could somehow cause the game to have sound-related issues?
  7. For some reason, TSL hasn't been working in Win98SE with my USB Audio dongle. The game works when I disable audio or remove the device, but it doesn't start up with it. I can't use the integrated audio becuase I can't find the right drivers, and my creative audigy z-something is packed away in storage. What do you guys think?
  8. The problematic weapons are any weapons that utilize a first-person interface. Since light sabers can't be used in first person, they are fine. I think what I'm trying to say is, literally, remove every weapon but lightsabers from the game. remove them from the *.pk3s or modify the game qvm's (which, for jk3, are in the form of *.dll's, I think) to not make any references to any weapons except lightsabers, unless there is a way to modify the exe or qvm-dll's to permanently keep the Lightsabers Only option enabled for multiplayer games.
  9. They said the game is fine as long as any fps content is removed or disabled. And the comps there use 8500 GT's and Core 2 Duo's, so I don't believe performance is going to be a problem either.
  10. If I remember correctly, dismemberment didn't work correctly in Multiplayer mode, something about model permutation data not syncing over the network, but then again, I may be wrong. Anyways, is there some sort of list or database the game needs to read before it knows which weapons "exist"? For example, if I model & animated a Merr-Sonn "Power" 5 Heavy Blaster Pistol and put it in a mod, wouldn't I need to put it in some sort of reference table before it becomes available ingame? If so, couldn't I do the same to remove the ranged weapons by removing their references from the weapon database?
  11. Hey, whats up? I want to put JK3 on the computers at the Boys & Girls Club, but they don't allow first-person shooters or FPS content, and apparently the lightsabers-only option for MP doesn't cut it, so: How would I remove the weapons from the *.pk3's without causing conflicts? Is there a central weapons registry file or list the engine reads to tell whether the weapon is available or not? If so, would it be possible to edit this so the game thinks the only weapon that exists is the lightsaber?
  12. Lol. Anyways, thanks for the logo.

  13. sign? *reads the contract very carefully*

  14. That I like. I'll take it.

  15. CommanderQ,


    If you were the real kings of Nerds, you would have memorized every single corporation & species in the galaxy, as well as wars & galactic events. You would also have to know every single detail about the biggest plot points in the entire universe, including characters, locations & equipment.

  16. nice, but I meant the Mech in the middle only if the MW logo wasn't present in the bottom-right hand corner. Still nice though. What are you using, Gimp?

  17. Interesting, but I was also thinking maybe just the regular Rebel logo, with the MW logo "welded" onto the lower-right hand corner, or the Rebel Logo with just a pic of a MadCat or Catapult Mech in the middle.

  18. Which company do you think is worth the most? Arakyd Aratech Repulsor Company Baktoid Combat Automata Cestus Cybernetics Cheiwab Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals Colicoid Creation Nest Commerce Guild Cybot Galactica Czerka Corporation Duwani Mechanical Products Geentech Genetech Go-Corp/Utilitech Haor Chall Engineering Holowan Mechanicals Imperial Department of Military Research Industrial Automation Kalibac Industries LeisureMech Enterprises Malkite Poisoners Medtech Industries MerenData Phlut Design Systems PublicTechnic Rebaxan Columni Roche Serv-O-Droid SoroSuub Tac-Spec Corporation TaggeCo Techno Union Tendrando Arms Ubrikkian Steamworks Veril Line Systems
  19. something to symbolize them working together. A logo that any MechWarrior & SW Rebel Alliance fan would be proud to serve under.

  20. Alright, thanks. If you don't mind, I would like a combination of the Rebel Symbol & the mechwarrior symbol.



  21. Well, that sucks. I was hoping to get KOTOR/TSL a little bit more like SWG, providing lvls all the way up to 90. So how do you modify the number of feats granted per level up? Would it be possible to make a force power in spells.2da that grants more than 1 feat for level ups?
  22. Well, TSL (PC) uses a .ini file for configuration, or, at least that's what swkotor2.ini is telling me, so, if KOTOR (Xbox) uses a .ini file, could I copy that file from the disk to the correct location on my HDD and change it to disable dynamic shadows?
  23. Hey, do you know if it's possible to disable dynamic shadows on the xbox version of KOTOR? I don't care for them as much and I would rather divert resources from rendering shadows to possibly rendering at 720p or 1080i.

  24. I there a way to disable Dynamic Shadows for KOTOR on Xbox? I don't really care for them, and they seem to slow down the system during certain parts. Also, is it possible to make KOTOR run in 720p or 1080i? Or are the resolution settings hardcoded into the .xbe?
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