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  1. Äijähän on helvetti suomalainen!
  2. Hi, Origo!

    I'm big fan of Full Throttle game.

    I'm interested of your project and I would like to know how is the progress of project?


    Sorry for my bad English.

  3. Yep, sorry for that, but the Adventure wasn´t possible without 3D modeller, which we didn´t have. We are still planning to do Adventure game, maybe on summer vacation...
  4. How stupid do you think I am? Of course I know that Blender is a 3D tool. The idea was making a cartoon-looking cutscenes with a 3D models. If you checked out the link, you should know about the cartoon-thing... We are able to use 3D cutscenes in the RPG too, but they need to be in AVI-format.
  5. Of course it´s not real. It´s said in the link. This could be real though, 'cause a little girl could really made the plot thicker.
  6. I don´t think so and there are many reasons for that.
  7. Yeah, a sequel is possible, but it´s unlikely. Maybe when they hear about our Fangame-project they are like "What the hell? I can make a better game!" and start making the sequel to FT. Seriously, they can try to make a new sequel, when they don´t have good game ideas anymore. (I´m not saying that FT sequel isn´t a good idea)
  8. Ben will be in the game, of course, but I´m not sure about Maureen. Even if Maureen was in the game, she wouldn´t play a major role in the game. Your story sounds good to me and I would like to use it, but I still want to be able to say my suggestions and opinions about it and change it if necessary. I won´t change anything if you´re against it, though. Let´s talk about the storyline more with PM, if you want to.
  9. I have all the backgrounds and the sprites, but the sprites have black background and Ben´s boots are black too. That makes it boring to draw the line between the background and the boots on every sprite. I don´t think we should use ripped backgrounds from the game, because when we draw new ones, they might not fit together. And anyway, I think that the happenings of the game will not be located in the Melonweed, Corville or anywhere near there, expect Kick-stand can be used. We should create couple of new cities and characters.
  10. Yeah, the Payback looked too good to be true, but when it was cancelled it made me feel angry too. And when they started with that game where stupid looking gorillas drive with bikes and they even named that game Full Throttle. That´s what makes me angry. Anyway, let´s get back to the business. The game will be probably made in a higher resolution than the original FT(320x200), so the sprites must be remade, but the resolution gives a better looking game. So, I can´t start working on the actual game before the largest part of the sprites are done. Gos, are you a official team member now?
  11. I´ve seen them already and I have picked the colors from the 6th picture to my rock-pictures.
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