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  1. Depending on the circumstances, that's funny, possibly cruel, and a little disturbing.
  2. When are we getting this rpg started?

  3. It's like the star player on the high school football team. He's good-looking, and has a great girlfriend, but is a douchebag. Yes, the computer is a douchebag.
  4. Hey, what's wrong with Shia Labeouf? He loves his mother. He really loves his mother. He loves his mother to the point that he said that she was the sexiest woman he had ever seen and he would marry her if she wasn't his mother. And this is his mother: Or how about Danny DeVito? He pulled off the whole makeup thing in Batman Returns, and I hear that's popular these days... Or something... Plus he's a giant cuddly teddy bear... Or something... IS THAT JOHNNY DEPP LOLOLOL
  5. Not Star Wars Episodes IV-VI. Those movies were downright awful. Lucas should have stuck to not having anything to do the movie business. Now, as for good movies, I really enjoyed the Departed. Fantastic use of suspense, and the transition and sequence of scenes was brilliant. Also, the track placement was great. Donnie Darko was good, too. The dialog was funny, but also thoughtful (for lack of a better word.) Very artful. And Office Space... Just hilarious.
  6. Actually, he's pretty popular in modern music. Before this incident, pretty much every teen and young adult knew him, or had at least heard of him. He's actually not that an bad artist, but he's very, very aware of it. That's where more of his criticism stems from: his over-inflated ego. His music's not horrible or anything, though.
  7. They're doing it up until the Daily Show comes on, I think. I've seen it way too many times, though.
  8. The first fifty statuses on my facebook were about this that night. Are people just know realizing that Kanye is a massive turbodouche? Seriously? This is the guy who said he would be in a modern day version of the Bible, said that he was the Nirvana of this generation, and had a cover shoot of him wearing a crown of thorns. Also, he's a gay fish. I thought that this stunt was hilarious. Especially Taylor's "Wtf?..." expression. I was really confused on how the camera panned away for a second, then it panned back and he was on the stage with the mic. Like a ninja. And it's not really a big deal. I was under the impression that he had slapped her, pushed her down, pissed on her, then announced to the crowd that he is the reincarnation of Jesus. He didn't even say that Beyonce's video was better than Taylor's, which is what a lot of people are saying. He just said it was one of the best videos there is.
  9. Umm... My eyes? The goggles do nothing? I'm interested in what's written on 3PO. Also, I like how only one of Jabba's legs is covered, showing that he has a tail. Very nice touch.
  10. Wait... What? I was referring to pre-amnesia Revan. His power is unknown. We know he's strong, but not how strong. We don't know how he beat Mandalore, Yusanis, and Malak. What have they done? There are no feats or quotes giving us a good idea of how strong they were. And for all we know, he could have killed them all with grenades. But we don't know. Obi-Wan beat Grievous, killed Maul, and defeated Durge. Those feats seem to match Revan's. I'm pretty sure he's talking about Anakin at his full potential. He said "if he wasn't burned on Mustafar," and if he meant RotS Anakin, he probably would have stated so. But he'll have to specify. Obviously, the clones did most of the killing. But that was mostly for the common Knights and such. Anakin killed Cin Drallig, the Jedi Weaponsmaster while fighting off one or two other Jedi. Shows that he was probably taking care of the more notable ones. Don't see what that has to do with anything. Revan was more charismatic, that much is apparent. How is Djem So overrated? And what does that have to do with anything? No. First of all, you have no proof that Revan was a Consular. You're using pure speculation. Also, we know that Revan was knowledgeable in the Force, but we don't know what he knew. Saying he knew a lot doesn't mean anything. Anakin grew tremendously, both in power and experience, between AotC and RotS. Using his faults from AotC when referring to RotS Anakin is like calling out ESB Luke when talking about FotJ Luke. And Dooku uses Makashi, which is designed to use as little energy as possible while making precise strikes and exploiting flaws in an opponent's swordplay. Terrain isn't its foundation. Dooku has noted that Anakin was the best practitioner of Djem So he had seen in his life. And that's really saying something. And what does Juyo have to do with anything? There's no proof that Revan used it, if that's what you're inferring. Plus, form =/= automatic victory.
  11. Revan only has stuff to prove that he's powerful. But not how powerful. Until some new piece of lit comes out that gives us a precise indication of Revan's power, he's unknown. Simple as that. Could he beat RotS Anakin? Possibly. Can we say for sure? No. That's not what the thread's asking, though. But the thread's topic is invalid, because we haven't seen Anakin at his full potential. And we never will.
  12. Your people look too blocky. You should add some curvature to their bodies, especially on the arms and on the torso. Maybe practice with stripped down people... Not necessarily naked, but without armor or bulky clothes, just until you get the hang of drawing the human body. The droids look pretty fantastic, though.
  13. He knew that Anakin would become the most powerful Force user of all time. He wanted Anakin to succeed him. He only started using Vader as a tool after Mustafar, at which point he lost more than half of his potential. Anakin beat Durge, a nigh invincible bounty hunter. He beat Count Dooku, who is in the highest tier of duelists, and on Mace Windu's level. He also beat Asajj Ventress, who tooled several Jedi herself. Again, saying that someone is "extremely skilled" means nothing in a fight if they don't have any feats to back it up, unless it's specific, like "Phil was the most skilled duelist in the Order." None of the people you mentioned have a statement like that, or any feats to show their strength. See above. Again, what are you saying? Anakin's the central character in Star Wars, so he's not unimportant to the plot, if that's what you mean. And we're not talking about Vader. We're talking about Anakin. Vader's not as powerful as Anakin, except maybe in Force mastery. And Vader renounced the dark side when he turned on Sidious. Malak took out Revan without showing his strength. I don't see you talking about that. G-canon > All. That's an established rule in SW debate.
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