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  1. Depending on the circumstances, that's funny, possibly cruel, and a little disturbing.
  2. It's like the star player on the high school football team. He's good-looking, and has a great girlfriend, but is a douchebag. Yes, the computer is a douchebag.
  3. Hey, what's wrong with Shia Labeouf? He loves his mother. He really loves his mother. He loves his mother to the point that he said that she was the sexiest woman he had ever seen and he would marry her if she wasn't his mother. And this is his mother: Or how about Danny DeVito? He pulled off the whole makeup thing in Batman Returns, and I hear that's popular these days... Or something... Plus he's a giant cuddly teddy bear... Or something... IS THAT JOHNNY DEPP LOLOLOL
  4. Not Star Wars Episodes IV-VI. Those movies were downright awful. Lucas should have stuck to not having anything to do the movie business. Now, as for good movies, I really enjoyed the Departed. Fantastic use of suspense, and the transition and sequence of scenes was brilliant. Also, the track placement was great. Donnie Darko was good, too. The dialog was funny, but also thoughtful (for lack of a better word.) Very artful. And Office Space... Just hilarious.
  5. Actually, he's pretty popular in modern music. Before this incident, pretty much every teen and young adult knew him, or had at least heard of him. He's actually not that an bad artist, but he's very, very aware of it. That's where more of his criticism stems from: his over-inflated ego. His music's not horrible or anything, though.
  6. They're doing it up until the Daily Show comes on, I think. I've seen it way too many times, though.
  7. The first fifty statuses on my facebook were about this that night. Are people just know realizing that Kanye is a massive turbodouche? Seriously? This is the guy who said he would be in a modern day version of the Bible, said that he was the Nirvana of this generation, and had a cover shoot of him wearing a crown of thorns. Also, he's a gay fish. I thought that this stunt was hilarious. Especially Taylor's "Wtf?..." expression. I was really confused on how the camera panned away for a second, then it panned back and he was on the stage with the mic. Like a ninja. And it's not really a big deal. I was under the impression that he had slapped her, pushed her down, pissed on her, then announced to the crowd that he is the reincarnation of Jesus. He didn't even say that Beyonce's video was better than Taylor's, which is what a lot of people are saying. He just said it was one of the best videos there is.
  8. Umm... My eyes? The goggles do nothing? I'm interested in what's written on 3PO. Also, I like how only one of Jabba's legs is covered, showing that he has a tail. Very nice touch.
  9. Wait... What? I was referring to pre-amnesia Revan. His power is unknown. We know he's strong, but not how strong. We don't know how he beat Mandalore, Yusanis, and Malak. What have they done? There are no feats or quotes giving us a good idea of how strong they were. And for all we know, he could have killed them all with grenades. But we don't know. Obi-Wan beat Grievous, killed Maul, and defeated Durge. Those feats seem to match Revan's. I'm pretty sure he's talking about Anakin at his full potential. He said "if he wasn't burned on Mustafar," and if he meant RotS Anakin, he probably would have stated so. But he'll have to specify. Obviously, the clones did most of the killing. But that was mostly for the common Knights and such. Anakin killed Cin Drallig, the Jedi Weaponsmaster while fighting off one or two other Jedi. Shows that he was probably taking care of the more notable ones. Don't see what that has to do with anything. Revan was more charismatic, that much is apparent. How is Djem So overrated? And what does that have to do with anything? No. First of all, you have no proof that Revan was a Consular. You're using pure speculation. Also, we know that Revan was knowledgeable in the Force, but we don't know what he knew. Saying he knew a lot doesn't mean anything. Anakin grew tremendously, both in power and experience, between AotC and RotS. Using his faults from AotC when referring to RotS Anakin is like calling out ESB Luke when talking about FotJ Luke. And Dooku uses Makashi, which is designed to use as little energy as possible while making precise strikes and exploiting flaws in an opponent's swordplay. Terrain isn't its foundation. Dooku has noted that Anakin was the best practitioner of Djem So he had seen in his life. And that's really saying something. And what does Juyo have to do with anything? There's no proof that Revan used it, if that's what you're inferring. Plus, form =/= automatic victory.
  10. Revan only has stuff to prove that he's powerful. But not how powerful. Until some new piece of lit comes out that gives us a precise indication of Revan's power, he's unknown. Simple as that. Could he beat RotS Anakin? Possibly. Can we say for sure? No. That's not what the thread's asking, though. But the thread's topic is invalid, because we haven't seen Anakin at his full potential. And we never will.
  11. Your people look too blocky. You should add some curvature to their bodies, especially on the arms and on the torso. Maybe practice with stripped down people... Not necessarily naked, but without armor or bulky clothes, just until you get the hang of drawing the human body. The droids look pretty fantastic, though.
  12. He knew that Anakin would become the most powerful Force user of all time. He wanted Anakin to succeed him. He only started using Vader as a tool after Mustafar, at which point he lost more than half of his potential. Anakin beat Durge, a nigh invincible bounty hunter. He beat Count Dooku, who is in the highest tier of duelists, and on Mace Windu's level. He also beat Asajj Ventress, who tooled several Jedi herself. Again, saying that someone is "extremely skilled" means nothing in a fight if they don't have any feats to back it up, unless it's specific, like "Phil was the most skilled duelist in the Order." None of the people you mentioned have a statement like that, or any feats to show their strength. See above. Again, what are you saying? Anakin's the central character in Star Wars, so he's not unimportant to the plot, if that's what you mean. And we're not talking about Vader. We're talking about Anakin. Vader's not as powerful as Anakin, except maybe in Force mastery. And Vader renounced the dark side when he turned on Sidious. Malak took out Revan without showing his strength. I don't see you talking about that. G-canon > All. That's an established rule in SW debate.
  13. Haha, but of course. Plus his saber is purple, so that gives him Mace Windu's Pulp Fiction powers. I take my statement back... Revan lays a mushroom cloud on anyone except Mace.
  14. lol wut? If he hadn't been mutilated, that strength would have been focused. What has he done? Saying that he's "really super duper strong" means nothing. What were those Sith techniques of his? Obviously, he must have known a thing or two, but what? There's the thought bomb, but that's hardly a combat move. He's never done anything. Please, do. Make a list of things he's done to give evidence of exactly how strong he is. He killed Mandalore. Impressive, but how strong was Mandalore? He fought his way through the Star Forge with his friends. Impressive, but how strong are the enemies he fought? I'm not saying he's not in one of the highest tiers. We can safely assume that he is. But how strong is he, exactly? You're right. Anakin's limited knowledge of languages is his bane. You're just using plain feat wars. I could say that RotS Anakin was the Chosen One, and could therefore beat Revan. But we don't know that for sure, because everything that Revan has done only gives a vague estimate of his power. I'm not saying that RotS Anakin could beat Revan, or vice versa. Revan is an unknown. The feats of strength that you provided mean nothing, because they're purely subjective. That statement is completely untrue and/or irrelevant. But I don't know what you're trying to imply, so I can't say for sure. Are you saying that Anakin is an unnecessary character to Star Wars? Or that he's shown no demonstration of his strength? Pick your poison.
  15. Lucas said Anakin would be twice as strong as Sidious had he not been crippled. Revan is an unknown, and therefore, his power can't be accurately gauged. Also, Anakin never attained his potential, so that's null as well. Saying Revan would win is fanboyism, and saying Anakin would win is basically a void statement. Therefore, this fight doesn't work. Come to think of it, any versus thread involving KotOR characters will be inconclusive. Virtually every KotOR character is relatively unknown. Especially Revan and the Exile. They're the best of their era... which means nothing, since they haven't actually done anything. Until we get an accurate representation of their power, making any real conclusions that aren't obvious doesn't make any sense.
  16. Wow, I didn't expect them to announce a Fable 3 so soon... I liked Fable and Fable 2, so I'll probably be checking this one out. I just hope that the different outcomes of the games are actually distinct this time around. In Fable 2, there was virtually no difference between the good, neutral, and evil choices. I also hope that individual character development is actually unique. All of my characters ended up looking the exact same by the end of the game with the same abilities. Good/evil and purity/corruption changed the appearance, but those parameters could easily be altered.
  17. Palpatine's face wasn't being melted. It was actually the mask he had created using the Force to hide his corrupted face. When the lightning hit him, the melting of the artificial face damaged his real face even further, causing his inhuman appearance. Palpatine was probably holding back because he knew that Marek's potential exceeded his. Even if he wasn't holding back, he didn't even have his lightsaber during the fight. Also, Marek couldn't beat Palpatine in a pure Force fight. The quote about the PT being the strongest was actually in AotC, during the Geonosis battle. And he was talking about lightsaber combat. The reason for the NJO being weaker than the PT Jedi was because they had to start anew, with a huge amount of knowledge lost. This is likely because if he created a new apprentice, he would still have Luke to worry about. If he could track down Luke to kill him, why wouldn't he just make Luke his new apprentice instead? That's a different kind of Force storm. You're thinking of the move from KotOR. I'm talking about Palpatine's ability to create wormholes in space that could destroy entire fleets.
  18. Palpatine's power was being fueled by his own pain, so he could go as long as he wanted. He stopped blasting Mace to look helpless in front of Anakin. No. He threw the fight against Marek in order to get him to turn back to the dark side. It's highly probable that Galen Marek's full potential would be stronger than Palpatine, but in TFU, he wasn't. You can see this when Galen is absorbing Palpatine's lightning. In order to even hold Palpatine off, he had to release all of his Force energy, which killed him. And that only pushed Palpatine away for a moment. However, you are right that Sidious probably didn't throw the fight against Mace. He did stop going all out once Anakin showed up, though. Your argument seems to be that Palpatine's skill with a lightsaber is greater than his skill with the Force. If this was true, he would've lost to Yoda, who is obviously Mace's superior in the Force. And Kreia has done absolutely nothing to prove her skill with a lightsaber. I'm not saying she's a total weakling, but the only thing she has going for her is her Force drain, which isn't necessarily unstoppable. Actually, is word is canon, unless it conflicts with the movie. At that point, I'm not sure. But if he says that the PT Jedi are the strongest, then it's canon, since it doesn't say otherwise in the movies. Do you have proof of this? Mace was barely holding back Palpatine's lightning. He was using his Vaapad to channel the lightning back at Palpatine, and since Vaapad is a Force-fed form, his defense may have very well be broken. This is speculation, but so was your statement. I'm not sure what you're saying here. Palpatine could never pull off training Anakin? Or Palpatine could never pull off being the perfect Jedi? There's no proof that Plagueis created Anakin. It's possible, but there's nothing to confirm it. Palpatine didn't continue pursuing the creation of life, as far as I know. Yes, it was Starkiller releasing all of his Force energy at once. It resulted in his own death, and didn't do any serious damage to Palpatine. If he had the ability to just overpower Palpatine without killing himself, he would have. But he didn't. Self-sacrifice was the only way out of the situation.
  19. I don't know exactly what you're into, but if you're looking for stuff you might not have heard of... Modest Mouse, Interpol, Death Cab For Cutie's old stuff, Built to Spill, Franz Ferdinand, Peter Bjorn and John, Movits!,TV on the Radio. There are some other good ones I know, but those are the ones that come to mind.
  20. Yep, and also, no one is talking about it on facebook.
  21. Except those quotes saying that Palpatine was the most powerful Sith in history. Darth Bane wasn't powerful enough to extract himself from history, unfortunately. George Lucas has said that the Jedi in the PT are in their prime, in terms of combat. No. Take a look at the Jedi Council. Kit Fisto, Agen Kolar, and Saesee Tiin were all Jedi Masters on the Council. Sidious lost in a lightsaber fight to Mace Windu, who had Shatterpoint and created the deadliest form of lightsaber combat, which had an edge over dark-siders. So that makes him a wimp? And the three Jedi didn't aid Windu much because Palpatine killed them within seconds. His hunger consumed him, and made him a mindless monster. He was a slave to his own abilities. What facts? Just because the ancient Sith were stronger than the old Sith, doesn't mean that the new Sith are weaker than the ancient Sith. You could probably attribute the degradation to the extinction of the Sith race, but after that, the Sith started to evolve via Bane. PT movies, sucky or not, are still G-canon. G-canon overrules everything else. And it required several Sith to use. You can't use it alone. Prequel Jedi = Jedi prime in combat. Lucas said it in the TPM commentary, IIRC. He can't fully control them, but they're not rampant upon creation. Like I said, it took Luke, Leia, and Anakin Solo's raw power to throw it off course. And the fact that Sidious had the power to even create a Force storm dwarfs any other feat. Bane learned of the thought bomb from a Revan holocron. The Dark Empire Sourcebook quote is that he knew the most. Knowledge is knowledge. A quote from the RotS novel: "The truth: that he, the avatar of light, Supreme Master of the Jedi Order, the fiercest, most implacable, most devastatingly powerful foe the darkness had ever known..." Other than that, his feats of Force surpass any given Jedi before him. If there are any demonstrations of power that match Yoda's, I can't name any. Using your own logic, the OJO was already flawed enough that turning Jedi wouldn't have been that hard. Sidious didn't turn Jedi because he saw them as threats, and he didn't need that. The only one he wanted to be succeeded by would be his apprentice.
  22. It wasn't hyperbole because it was purely objective, from the point of the author. Information from a C-canon source is considered canon, unless it conflicts with G-canon. No other Sith has feats that match Palpatine's. Bane has lightning that rivals his, but that's it. Nihilus could use an ability to suck the life out of planets, but at the cost of his own body and humanity. Sidious didn't want to make that sacrifice, because he knew the implications of the technique. Traya can use Force drain to kill some Jedi Masters, who aren't even as strong as the PT Jedi. Palpatine killed three PT Jedi, with Mace Windu attacking him as well. Sion can regenerate himself, but can be broken through words. Palpatine could create Force storms, which took the combined power of Luke, Leia, and Anakin Solo's potential to even throw off course. It says in the Dark Empire Sourcebook that Palpatine had gathered the greatest works of knowledge from even the most obscure sources, and studied the Force in all of its aspects. It is true that Yoda was surprised at the evolution of the Sith, but he was also more powerful than any Jedi before him. He could match Palpatine in raw Force power, but could not defeat him. As well as controlling the entire war. He manipulated a Jedi Master into ordering billions of clone troopers, which would later become stormtroopers. He managed to get into the position of power over the CIS, which he hadn't had control over before. He wasn't born into control over the two driving forces of the galaxy; he had to get there himself. And he did.
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