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  1. I can't seem to get scummvm to play the midi music to my midi device. I have gotten my midi device to work fine with other scumm games but not the ultimate talkie edition. Midi works fine in dosbox but scummvm refuses to use midi even if I put a blank track 1 file in the directory. Any thoughts?
  2. I just wanted to say thanks for making this project. I was able to get the Special edition voice and music tracks working in SCUMM on my Nexus 7 tablet and I use chome cast to play on the tv so my wife can watch .
  3. Do you have a copy of the poster or are you offering to scan mine and return it to me?
  4. I was at a gaming show and snagged a copy of Maniac Mansion with the original Commodore 64 poster for $4 (the disk was tested on a machine there and it didn't load but when I got it home it plays fine!) I also have a boxed copy of the NES game with the poster and I noticed that they are quite different in size The NES copy is two sided and much smaller (the blue one which is laying on top of the brown (c64) one: [/url] I'm not sure if there are any content changes either (I just snapped the pictures quickly). I was wondering if a high res scan/photo already e
  5. Are we still looking for a high res scan of this? I have a physical copy since my wife preordered tales of monkey island for me a while ago.
  6. I bought a wide format printer that prints 13x19'' borderless photos and made myself a wall of SCUMM!
  7. Not sure if it would be in English if you ordered it from amazon.de
  8. I was trying last night as well Amazon.UK will not allow you to ship to the US.
  9. They should have purposely delayed the release by 24 hours and made a joke about it in the game.
  10. does anyone know how much it is going to cost?
  11. The person that was supposed to post the download link was about to click the submit button when someone told him there was a three-headed monkey behind him. When he turned around there was a guy with a fedora selling "these fine leather jackets"...
  12. It's actually not too hard! I don't even have a modchip, I just followed the directions here and after I softmodded the wii i just put scummvm on the apps folder on the SD card and it works!
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