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  1. I think it's pretty unlikely that the funding will increase for the documentary at the same rate. That would be silly. But yes, it will increase a bit, if only because the crew will have to be engaged for longer now it looks like the project will go on for a bit of a longer time (which has already been pretty much confirmed in the FAQ)
  2. They still don't know exactly what funding they'll have to play with by the end of 22 days, and stuff like that can absolutely have an effect on exactly what sort of story they want to tell. Maybe if it ends up closer to 2 million, for example, they'd be more comfortable telling a story spread across fewer characters and locations, but if it's nearer 3 million they might decide to go for a more wide ranging, ambitious idea that Tim has. Difficult to say, but the funding still matters at that stage, and I -do- think they need to be aware of how much money they're playing with before they can start making major decisions. And I know in the 'real world' they have an idea and they pitch it to publishers and it then gets funded. But they also probably have a good idea of how much money they need to make the game, when they enter those negotiations. Also, they're not sitting on their arses. I was just listening to an interview with Greg Rice who said that they're currently looking at a few different engines that they're thinking about using, to determine stuff like portability, and how easy it would be to make a game like they want to make using them and so on. There's a lot of prep work that they can be doing before they sit down to talk about plot. Besides, this isn't the only project Double Fine have, perhaps some of the team are still working on other things!
  3. Nope. It's been said repeatedly, Tim has a few ideas knocking around (which is bound to be true. If you spend any amount of time making games, you'll be familiar with the feeling of having more ideas than you know what to do with), but they aren't talking about them until the cameras are rolling. I've seen Tim Schafer say this several times on Twitter and interviews, and Greg Rice in another interview so... doubt all you like!
  4. The good thing is that they've stated on the double fine forums that they want to try to keep the documentary as spoiler free as they can make it while still being able to show stuff, they want it so people can enjoy the documentary and still not know everything about the game. But yes, they won't start making the game at ALL until the official project start.
  5. Yes. SEMI-jokingly. As in, it was a casual Tweet, he didn't really expect it to explode in the way it did, but he wasn't entirely joking. And he wishes the internet would stop hyping it because nothing has been agreed yet. Nowhere does he say that it isn't happening, and in fact he confirms that they will be talking about it some more.
  6. That story has been around for a few days, and that's not really what it says at all. All he's saying is that they're just talking right now, nothing has been agreed and it may very well not happen.
  7. https://twitter.com/#!/timoflegend/status/169305227986608128 That tweet seems to pretty much confirm Peter McConnell for the project.
  8. So it will be 2D. Good news for people who were hoping for that: http://twitter.com/#!/TimOfLegend/statuses/168471171480817664
  9. Jeopando is right. We shouldn't feel like we're curmudgeons or picky or cynical because some of us choose to invest a little energy in talking about what could be better. Sure, it's am embarrassment of riches. Sure, even 3 years ago this project would have been unthinkable. I am jumping for joy at the idea that they actually did this. Still there are areas for improvement and some of them are things that could be improved without too much work, so they are well worth talking about - after all, many of those things have indeed been fixed in this latest patch. What I do NOT agree with is thinking you know so much that you can attribute every flaw to some fundamental failing at LucasArts. It's never that simple. Your special edition not being perfect cannot simply be attributed to LucasArts being bad at what they do. It can be attributed to a handful of genuine mistakes, compromises made due to deadlines that almost all developers have to deal with and your own idealised expectations not being met. Some people here are desperate to maintain this 'LucasArts are bad' narrative and while I can understand their reasons, weaving the MI2 flaws into this narrative simply ain't working for me.
  10. Once again, no worries. I think I was in a funny mood when I wrote that anyway, and it is good that we have usable versions of the rest of the soundtrack now, I will certainly be listening to it when I have the chance and making replacements where I want them.
  11. Don't worry about it, its not really a big deal. I probably shouldn't have said anything. It was just that the only reason I started thus was because nobody else seemed to be. If I had known you had something in the works I may not have bothered
  12. I appreciate the effort you've gone to, and how you noted that everyone has their preferences etc. But I can't help but feel this invalidates all the hours I've put into this so far, too, and a couple of other people. I sort of wish that you'd have compromised by helping out with our project instead of going solo, this thread has been up almost since the game came out. Good job anyway, but ... yeah.
  13. What bothered me the most at the time is that the three previous MI games seemed like really state of the art productions, you knew that you were playing something which had been REALLY polished (even when CMI had some budget problems), and by contrast EMI felt a little bit cheap. Even TMI (given that I've criticized Telltale's model in the past for leaving too little room for polish) out-does it in this respect. The other bit was that I just didn't find the writing as funny, at all. The first 3 seemed effortless in this regard but EMI seemed like it was trying desperately to be funny and failing most of the time. At the time I remember convincing myself that the writing was funnier with subtitles... I was trying anything to get it to make me laugh. (for the record I think TMI is much funnier, but could still use some more time in the writing-oven.)
  14. I've been playing it a bit, enjoying it a lot so far. Less adventurey stuff than I hoped for but what's there is well-placed.
  15. Sure, I'll give you that EMI had some killer music, but the idea that the bland, empty, pre-rendered graphics are even slightly comparable to TMI's(which also seem to improve slightly as the series goes on) seems laughable.
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