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  1. I belive you can just keep it at the "normal" one.

  2. Ah that. you need to go to the static mesh of the weapon, and go to collision tools, and select "fit18 dop"

  3. oh hey, sorry, i dont have it. when he told me about it, he was still just making it.

  4. why were you going to jail....?

  5. hockeygoalie33, and hold im installing the game to my box

  6. got an Xbox and reach. whats yer gamertag?

  7. Haha thanks. i just like to help, and spreada few laughs here and there. :thumbsup:

  8. if i may, would you like a 2012 obama poster with Trump on it that says "you're fired"? would be a sick avie for ya.



  9. oh.......that was easy. i feel REALLY dumb right now. ^^

  10. well, what Jaicer said, and then buy Norton anti virus.

  11. oh, can you upload magnum when hes done? im starting to work on the trailer. makin a custom map for it.

  12. thanks. i need to upgrade some of the old skins ^^

  13. can you make an HD 212th skin? i need one of those :D

  14. hey, got a problem. the new westar doesnt melee or toss grenades (the anim works, but like, no grenade is thrown, or melee damage)

  15. ok, re add it now plz.

  16. well what color is it? because Jabiim troopers were blue, but lets see what you got

  17. Could you make a jabiim rebel blue digital skin while i upload the new accessories?

  18. oh, also, i found a really cool Gasmask mesh. so thats gonna be added too.

  19. hey, when you export a static mesh from XSI, have you ever have an error come up saying "No sutible primitives found"? if so, how can i get around this?

  20. Yea, add it to the Jabbim trooper?

  21. SVN keeps dropping my name. re-add it?

  22. Actually I probably could. Send me the model :thumbsup:

  23. yeah, i know. but only like, 3 of us actually have the maps.

    i think they may be on our SVN. read the first post here:



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