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  1. its impossible to add a folder in there with each of our names on it, then have us upload to the correct folder?

  2. inside the texture folder, can you organize it into who made what?

  3. make a inventory attachment class with the model as the display advanced> mesh

    then in the weapon, go to hidden, and attachment class, and choose the new one.




  4. need to be a little more specific. like the hudarms, or the model the pawn is holding?

  5. uploading 3.0 minus the maps.

    will be put in as a future update

  6. will DX8 replace the commando pistol?

    and yea, beta release: either tmmrw or friday.

  7. oh, a sugestion: make the visor a black/dark gray gradient blend for a shiny visor looks

    and the sergant texture is not HD, please do.

  8. DX8 will replace the current pistol?

  9. can i have that numbus commando skin?

  10. This is everything i need before the BETA:

    HD squad skins

    HD ranked skins

  11. can you mke the ranked clones? i need them in HD

  12. the stuff that "VI" made.

  13. ok, that will be fixed in a future update.

    right now im gonna:

    link up the maps

    test them

    upload EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE MAPS (they will come out shortly after, theres a few things i need to fix.)


    questions: old hud or new?

  14. we're doing pretty well, actually!

  15. both, definetly :D

    for dirty, can you make it more dirt on the chest and calfs, and then general paint scratches?

  16. Think you can make an HD 212 skin? thats probably next on the list.

  17. think you can make a 212 skin?

  18. Show spoiler
    (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
  19. what? its from SNL, more cowbell

  20. can you send me your email again?

  21. put it back in the properties folder :)

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