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  1. sorry i was just bored one day :D

  2. in your Rc directory

  3. yea its posible ill work on it when i can :D i just need your


    properties folder in a zip file

  4. for about a week left

  5. on geonosis in one of the level briefings i think

  6. there is no hailfire droid....its only mentioned

  7. nah im not into that stuff.....

  8. how can you see the squad member with the attchments on it in unrealed?

  9. how can yuo view a trooper with attchments in unrealed?

  10. about the pic, look at the one with the ship about to crash, i used that and it will be on in 297 days. the caption is the same

  11. sure no problem! but you must upload the bmp file on filefront(for the size to be right)

  12. How did u get fixers anntene on?

  13. If you look in my ablums its there

  14. for the gun ship, are you going to add the bir "RAWR" mouth?

  15. porting is an illegal act of exporting meshes, animations etc from one game and putting it into another game (mods i dont think count)

  16. Pristine definetly. If they are commandos, they should be well oiled at least ;)

  17. well i beat you :D



  18. could you make the droid commando(brown joints? grey body?) and using paint.net i could make part of it transparent so the head could be shorter

  19. Awsome! it works! what did you use? gimp?

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