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  1. if you cannot fix my rep.req, can you send me yours?

  2. hooper got banned for a month :argh:

  3. yea its REALLY confusing

  4. and im creating an ARC mod group

  5. ive almost got it. im asking for some more help but i should understand by next week

  6. um..well im trying to mod BF2....

  7. pretty good i guess

  8. you mean hockey stick


    *turns around


    who are you?

  9. random world!










  10. >_>





    ....are you stalking me......?

  11. shh......yea most of them are folders though :p

  12. yea me nither!.....wait a second.......


    but anyway the second song in the mod trailer is one of my fav songs! SUGAH!!!

  13. i have no idea lol and im the only one thats been modding it

  14. i use ZD recorder its ok...

  15. not today, im going golfing with my dad :D

  16. It will take a long time because I have to put him in evry level

  17. OR. go to your RC directory and go to textures and upload your clonetextures.utx in a zip file

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