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  1. ok downlaod this and

    go to clonetextures'clonetextures and click file, import and click ok



  2. every texture?


    if you can see the clonecommando38 one, export it as clonecommando38.BMP(must have bmp) then import it in the same place as CloneCommandoProxy

  3. is there a way to "de-munge" a .lvl filethat i downloaded?

  4. thanks because i tried to do this with bf1 and i couldnt and i can mod republic commando quite well

  5. if this is the deafalut skins, go to your RC directory and and go to textures, and upload the clonetextures.utx on filefront

  6. its not really a mod....do you know how to use unrealed?

  7. do you mind if i ask why you moved the ARc thread(or...half of it)?

  8. im working on a non-supermoded version of the ARC mod and when we realese it, it will come with 2 sets of properties files. one amped and one normal

  9. can you upload the newest clone trooper mod 2.5?(not ARC) i give you the link

  10. im going to relese a new version of the clone trooper mod that fixes most bugs. want it?

  11. And I'm starting to learn how to mod battlefront 2 :o

  12. ah i dont go back until sept 8th

  13. what with your sig? brb in 30 mins

  14. are you any good with meshes?

  15. are you any good at meshes?

  16. HAHA because what im trying to do is take the arms you see with a dc17 and change that into arms that holds a dc15 blaster

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