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  1. ill ttry....btw the maps are below

  2. so you want the clones to die and stay dead?







    put in maps folder

  3. im starting the upload now itll take 5 mins and ill look into the commandos dying

  4. maybe i can....ill look into it and ill fix the maps :D

  5. here is what i can do. i can take those maps and make it replace ones in the game so the maps : engine,gunship,hanger and arena G9


    (i hope you dont plan on playing mp too much)

  6. tell me exaclty what you did?


    did u pause it then press ~ or did it while it unpaused?

  7. yea any map like......depot then IN GAME press ~ and type open map1

  8. in lan in game without the pause so while the game is going on,press alt ~



    WAIT! you always paused then tried to open the consle???? press ~ while its un paused

  9. try pressing "ALT + ~" i heard this works too

  10. how did u open the map?

  11. you cant even open them or there is nothing there?

  12. do the maps work?

  13. well there is the barrier in the middle, look around it.....and tell me if the other maps have no AI (as in droids, clones etc)

  14. Map1 looks like arena g8 rigHt? Look on the other side

  15. look on the other side of the wall in map1, there should be grey battledroids

  16. click it 2 times or try another map



  17. keep clicking until it says starting in 3....2....1

  18. play it in deathmatch

  19. either use the program to convert the maps onto your mp list or find a way to open your consle and type open map2 (or map1,map3,map4)

  20. what is the name of the map?

  21. and i will make more

  22. they are included :)

  23. the ai is alread IN the map. and because u cant use the consol, the tool puts the map in your set list for mp

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