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  1. i found a way around your problem

    download this it puts map in ur mp list, the only ting is its in german but i could help you


    tool: http://pfw.bplaced.net/index.php?site=files&file=41


    clonetroopermod: http://www.filefront.com/14315537/Clone%20Trooper%20mod.zip

  2. im uploading it now

  3. yes BUT, you can open it in single player with the consle......

  4. but ai is not supported in MP (major lag, ive tried)

  5. well when the map starts, if they see you, they will shoot at you

  6. im not done yet, im adding some maps with some ai (only the host can play it)

  7. well i think they look the coolest and im defenitly downloading it

  8. look at these pics!!!!! from the BF2 convertion mod! you can play as the delta squad and kotor era republic and star forge space battle (hope bastilla isnt using battle meditation)!!!!!!!!!



  9. and now im downloading the battlefrontII extreme mod

  10. maybe with a mesh editor, but y is porting illegal?

  11. well maybe you could find a neo crusader armor and that may work....just think: mando commando :D

  12. hold on, i want to update it with some maps :)


    (deafault maps with ai)


    did u see my mandos?

  13. woot i gots battlefrotn 2

  14. for the ai, you have to take it from the game using the map editor and ill give you the link on monday if all goes well (with some maps that i edited

  15. if u can find a mesh..... and in the next clone trooper update, the trando side of mp are mandalorians (magna guards dont work idk y)

  16. not yet, i have a little more tweaking to do

  17. I made a thread for it..... Look at the vid

  18. Sure about the colors and anyone can make a server

  19. Yea like sev has red stripes scorch has yellow stripes and fixer has orange stripes I'll upload tommorow

  20. thanks lol ill give you the link tommorow at 4:30 pm est (usa)

  21. and now, im making skins for the delta squad so thaey have different colored stripes

  22. few reasons


    Mp not work becaise lucasarts dont beileve in sharing....meaning that if you have a mod, you can only lay against people wih that mod



    and the glowing......


    that is a texture glitch where if you edit a texture, light and dark dont apply so in pitch black, you still light up in the dark

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