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  1. no one gets the prescription joke :(

  2. in the weapons properties, under hidden, is "muzzleclass" make it none

  3. is that the nimbus? NICE!

  4. Is that the nimbus? that looks really nice!

  5. Oh. My. God. That is amazing! but does he have any knowledge of Starwars?


    EDIT: so instead of sonic dets, what kind do you want to do? i can make a class that replaces them

  6. hmm..... i dont know....ill see what i can do

  7. its definetly the model.

  8. i think we should leave the rangfinder the way it is. i tryed it with the rangfinder static mesh.....its looks like Sh!t

  9. he keep supplying, we no worry :D

  10. i wont be able to do so for a few days. cant you edit posts?

  11. 1. yes we did, the Teaser trailer


    2. nope


    3. there is a brush set somewhere.... ask prudii

  12. oh and when you made the new intro movie, when kind of compression did you use?

  13. well, i will, when we fix a few more of the bugs

  14. well, heres the thing. we used "Blow me away" in 2.0 launch

  15. plz make the following green:


    •Clone Troopers are still using the Storm Trooper bump-map

    •The Barrel on the Sniper-Rifle doesn't quite fit on the body. (There's a small gap)

    •Razor is still using the old Westar

    •The fire that appears when the V-6 gets shot down doesn't dissipate, it stays floating in the air

    •Several invisible-walls are on the roof

    •Computer-guy (in the glass room) isn't using the computer animation

  16. sure, and:


    if you want the editable kind, just take the files from the ARCmod folder and replace the original assets

  17. woa, that salaver is looking sick! think you an make a heavy like that? bloody him up too?

  18. and about that stasis thing, that would be cool,


    *after geo*

    well alpahas you passed "the test"

    we all walk into a room with arcs in stasis

    and some are woken up

  19. sure, post it here

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