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  1. did u see the pic of u (below)

  2. how do you insert a pawn into a map (MP)

  3. iron sights are the "zoom" DC blaster and the pistol

  4. for the instuctions, just say under the skins page that you have to put the file in your texture files


    and im reuploading the black ops cause it was sorrta messed up

  5. i gtg be back in in hour or so

  6. its 4 zip files within a zip file

  7. ok im uploading now

  8. that sux....and im about to make a magna guard mp mod

  9. yea but theres 300 anamtions from the clonecommando that i would have to re size and i dont know how to do that (yet)

  10. there is not enough animations from the game to make it work

  11. im still working on magnaguard commando :D

  12. THAT......IS .......AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I'll add it tommorow

  14. Bad news

    not enough animations and the commando annimations cannot support the mesh . The game crashes. Srry

  15. hmm.....it would be a LOT of work.......but maybe....

  16. i could do somthing like that...

  17. greivous guard staff purple(thats the source)

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