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  1. i was able to turn all the blue lights on the DC-17s and pisol red :)

  2. ill try it out on Suday (when i get home from vacation)

  3. hey stay online i need to upload some photos for u


    may take 10 mins k?

  4. install your RC on the compy that doesnt handle it, unrealed should work.....it worked 4 me because my fast compy cant open all the textures in unrealed such as the battle droid textures but on my laptop where the game is laggy, unrealed works fine! then after you edit the textures, you can email them and put it in your texture folder on the working one

  5. whatever is easier

  6. could you do me a favor?



    could you make a black ops neon squad avatar using the one i have and making the lazer "bolts" red?


    i would apreciate it

  7. ok ill work on it ;)

  8. well im now trying to make the sniper's scope and zoom red, are you intrested?

  9. yea, just use the paint program and get a neon green color

  10. i am.. im going to florida tommorow for a week

  11. hmm. ill try tommorow?

  12. be honest.....is there anything you dislike? if so ill fix it (ill try)

  13. do not put the clonetextures in its folder...its not the neon, its the all black squad i made 4 u.


    so what do u think?

  14. post imedietly what you think, and ill try to make and changes i can

  15. wow, that means a lot to me

  16. i am uploading its 75% done and its in a zip file with all the instrutions


    same damage but........rate of fire, 1 per .5 secs,


    but read this. although it says there is 5 shots left, the number acts like a clip, so there is a total of 999 shots (i think, maybe 99) but anyway, dont be fooled until it stoped working.....



  17. what kind of compy is it, and do you have any others?

  18. all i did was use a bright color (it was an accident but it looked awsome so i kept it)

  19. i am almost done :). i may finish it today and ill uload it today or tomorrow

  20. i am now making the numbers of the blaster and sniper (ammo count) and the little bars and lights on the clip and making the sniper blast red

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