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  1. you think you can make the flare texture orange a little brighter? so its less of a rust?


    and also, how do i add the bump toa texture?

  2. you never sent me the title screen! you said you would, but you never did

  3. this weekennd i will

  4. :D now don't touch that cactus son
  5. nice! looks great!

  6. any word on when the maps will be done?

  7. *ding*

    i already uved the 2 textures together, but only for the ase so dont worry about that



  8. k but we wont change the model. i already started somthing on it, sort of an interchangeable weapon system-like idea

  9. i just have the satic mesh, not made into a weapon yet. do you want to wait? or do you want the obj?

  10. plz zip it. i got some weird error

  11. making the texture double sided did not fix it

  12. no, i can make this 1 model have 3 materials i think

  13. or send as obj? i can make it 1 model easily

  14. looks great!


    hey, you didnt invert the polys/faces. you gotta do that. in XSI (i assume thats what you use)


    select the mesh in object mode, go to Model> under the Modify tab, poly.mesh> then invert polygons. then export

  15. meh. its kinda too long.....

  16. doesnt this look cool?!


    Show spoiler
    (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
  17. paranoid bunch arn't they?

  18. ok ill leave it as it is. i just kind think it would be a little more profetional if we mad a custom menu, different music and that backround video.

  19. i may have found a way to change the color of the menu stuff. how about a red/orangy color?

  20. thanks! i started making a part of the trailer

  21. hey, when you send the maps, can you send the memories video? the .wmv? since its really the only old footage of the 2.1 left, i'd like to have a PAST and then NOW IT's OVER and then i show the new stuff.

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