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  1. Yes I have noticed that as well, I guess people will find out once they start watching the documentary.... but, 1 MILLION!!!
  2. While this is awesome on every level, I think some people here are getting ahead of themselves by thinking Ron Gilbert is making this game and this is some holy grail of dream team team ups. Nowhere does it say he's involved, except the video where Tim says he might help. The kickstarter page says the project is headed by Tim and Ron's busy with his own game anyway, so this will probably be a Schafer game all the way with perhaps a little input or brainstorming from Ron, more on the lines of what he did on Tales.
  3. Ended up getting Sanitarium. Seems like a very unique and interesting adventure game with many glowing recommendations.
  4. Just thought I'd throw you guys a heads up for gog.com's small adventure games sale. They have the following four games for 50% off over the weekend: The Journeyman Project 2 - $2.99 The Longest Journey - $4.99 Sanitarium - $4.99 Tex Murphy: The Pandora Directive - $4.99 Also I'd love to hear your thoughts/recommendations on these titles as I'm debating if I should pick any of these up. Sanitarium is the one that caught my eye, but I don't know... I have too many games to play and Steam sales have me spoiled with their low prices, so even $5 seems a bit much.
  5. That's a really nice find. I'm tempted to get this but I'll take a better look at the digital version first to see if I like it. Also I'm cheap so the price is a bit steep for me at the moment, but I added this to my wishlist for a possible future purchase.
  6. My guess would rather be that they simply sped up the animations to make them seem more fluid. Much easier way of improving any choppy animation than adding more frames to it, and it seems like LucasArts will always take the quick and easy path if provided the option. And we all know where that leads to.... the dark side! After my huge disappointment with the first SE I decided I would read the impressions of you guys before purchase and while most seem to be happy with it I'm glad I didn't pick it up yet. I guess I'll be waiting for a patch or a sale, whichever comes first. Although it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't do any patching despite a very ambiguous/vague hint on twitter/facebook.
  7. That is seriously cool and all mysterious like.
  8. Why do you claim it's a 24 hour deal? It's a mid-week madness sale, and if you have any experience with Steam you'll know that they always run until Friday. They have not been 24 hour sales since they started doing them, unless they've been specified as 24 hour sales and not a "mid-week madness" sale. Trust me, I live for these Steam sales
  9. Love the development diaries guys, what an epic tale. The new site looks great, congrats to all!
  10. I have to agree that this is looking a lot better than the first Special Edition, which I really didn't cared for. So I am pretty excited about this. My biggest worry now is how they handle the voice-overs. I thought the direction they took in the last one was terrible and I probably voiced my opinion about it here somewhere. It was all too over the top. The dialogue itself is funny, you don't need to exaggerate the voices to make it funny. It was like they were saying "Hey, listen to how ridiculous I sound, I'm saying something funny!!", which of course made everything painfully unfunny.
  11. Damn, that's a bummer. So I take it that you get cutscenes if you just run it through the latest ScummVM? All the users on the Steam forums say the game tells you to go to ScummVM to download the cutscene pack there, which everybody is doing. In any case its a lost sale from me. When I buy from Steam I expect it to fully work with no additional patching or downloads, right from the Steam menu, otherwise I won't buy it.
  12. Anybody get this on Steam yet? Know if the Steam version of 2 is supported by ScummVM?
  13. Really? It has a pretty average score on metacritic, with especially harsh reviews from dedicated adventure games review sites. I was just looking at these games since they are 25% off on Steam till the end of the week. Too bad the first one isn't on there, I've only played it on the GBA.
  14. I would seriously doubt they ship the statues with the number corresponding to when you ordered. I imagine they just box them up and ship out at random. Congratulations, you just won the lottery
  15. I tried Samorost 2 after watching the trailer for Machinarium and while it has an interesting art style there is practically no gameplay and it was the hardest, most frustrating exercise of pixel hunting I've ever experienced. Looking forward to Machinarium though as the art style looks amazing, although I'd perhaps classify it more as a puzzle game than a point'n'click adventure game. Same with Somorost 2.
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