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  1. I'm actually with Alexrd on this one. I found the follow feature in HGSS annoying and contradictory to the titular concept of the franchise. It is, however, not my biggest issue in HGSS. That would be the horrendous level scaling, something I hope but highly doubt will be fixed in ORAS.
  2. It took me a good few minutes to realize that this wasn't some sick, late April Fools joke. They may not have been my absolute favorite Pokemon games, I'm still going to need, not want, NEED these. Minor nitpick however: I think the Greek letters should've been switched around because Alpha Ruby and Omega Sapphire roll off the tongue better. I know why they are the way they are, but I find it easier to say the other way.
  3. I call BS on that title in the spoiler video. Nothing's been confirmed on that, and I doubt anything will be until at least around Thanksgiving this year.
  4. While I admit I was a bit dismayed when I first heard, I think I'll go with what Astor suggested and have a Star Wars multiverse going on in my head.
  5. Pretty much what everyone else has said. Their loss. They're entitled to their opinions, however wrong they may be or however much it makes them look like a bunch of poop heads.
  6. I enjoyed Into Darkness as well. Not my absolute favorite Trek film, but it's up there in my top 5.
  7. Rocksteady is back, all of Gotham is the map, and you can drive the Batmobile?
  8. I've never been a Sonic fan, but I'll take the original three over anything that's been put out since. Not out of nostalgia, but because all the ones I have played have been poopy. I'll be keeping an eye on this one though.
  9. There's next to no post-game. I haven't touched it since I beat the League.
  10. Then you're in for a long time taking. The gap between the first two gyms is overwhelmingly massive and highly unusual for gym distribution.
  11. Really, any of the most devoted fans for any franchise or company are guilty of this. Bioware, Blizzard, Star Wars, you name it.
  12. She's getting old, and this happens every other month now.
  13. Dragon Age: Inquisition Titanfall Thief Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Destiny The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Watch Dogs Halo 5 or whatever the heck they're gonna call it The Evil Within
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