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  1. Okay Jeroen_JRP, I've almost got this figured out... but for some reason Windows downloaded your batch program as a text file... .cmd.txt and I can't get it to recognize it or run it any other way. What do I do to get it to run it as a CMD? Sorry for my uselessness.
  2. Hello all! I'm new to these forums, but certainly not new to the Scumm Bar or MI. Grew up playing the games, replay all of them just about every year, and I've collected the soundtrack to every game. I've been checking scummbar.com frequently over the last nine years, hoping for some sort of news, haha! Now, I know that this is very early on, considering that SoMI: SE just released this week... but I was hoping that maybe some tech guru (or fellow music afficionado) around here could help me out. In my opinion, the music in SoMI: SE is hands-down fabulous. If (or when) Lucasarts decides to release it through legal distribution methods, I will be one of the first in line, payment in hand. In the interim, however, I was hoping to acquire the soundtrack through other means: namely, by extracting it from the game's files themselves. However, the tracks seem to be securely locked away behind an obscure .xwb file format, located under C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\the secret of monkey island special edition\audio\MusicNew.xwb I've spent the better part of this evening attempting to find a program to decode the files from this format, but nothing seems to work (the only tools I can find are from 2005 or so and were used for Xbox game hacks). Could anyone help me brainstorm for ideas as to how to somehow coax the soundtrack files from their hidey-holes? If we can even get PCM files out of there (which I suspect is the format that they are in), it won't be too hard to convert them to something usable. Thanks so much in advance for the help! And, mods, my apologies if I'm breaking any forum rules with this post. I'd prefer not to be banned, if possible , but feel free to delete this thread if asking for such help is inappropriate.
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