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  1. HOLY PIG THAT'S AWESOME, Laserschwert! Even if you don't consider to do posters for all the chapters, I think you should totally consider doing one for either Trial and Execution or Pirate God. Either of them would be very epic
  2. After testing the Russian translation, it seems there's another line that's not voiced in the SE. When we talk with Stan, one of the possilbe variants to the money question is "Uh... no more than 173 pieces of eight". BUT. There's no line like this in the speech.info, only regarding 174 and 172 pieces of eight, the 173 line is taken straight from theSCUMM version during dialogue choices, BUT, since it's not voiced, the SE version (after clicking) searches for the closest thing (speech.info is heavily based on CRC-checks), which to him, it seems, is the line "I have 371 pieces of eight". So, yeah, when we choose that line of dialogue, Guybrush says "I have 371 pieces of eight".
  3. Like what? What joke is put instead of the "Zonker Harris" joke?
  4. Yeah. I'm quite banging my head too. I mean, due to the nature of translating, I was in the texts of SoMI:SE all the time, and... and didn't notice that the swordmaster insult was messed up and is given to three ordinary pirates. In fact, I'm not sure now if it's in-game, maybe I heard the insult while I was listening to the sound files.
  5. ... Oh man, yeah, they did mess it up. They voiced it, but by generic swordfight pirates. And I think that they do say it ingame, I swear I remember someone saying that phrase. SO#_88_fighting_34_1
  6. No, it's used. It's in the in-game text (the SE one, speech.info), it's recorded, it's been used in-game.
  7. In our Russian version, we wanted to make a feel of the logo being drawn on the wood, not floating above it. So we took MI2:SE Stan's logo as an inspiration and decided to make it... not... so... new. IMO, the result is nice enough.
  8. That's because it's MI1:SE. Most of the MI2:SE graphic texts are really handdrawn (in the same style as they were drawn in MI2 original) so you will have to redraw yourself by hand. Chances that there are fonts for that are close to nil.
  9. We're about to release the Russian translation for SoMI:SE, which we were making for a whole year. I know SoMI texts by heart now The Secret itself is mentioned by Stan, Estevan, Herman, Herman's friend in the log, and Guybrush when he asks Estevan about it. And though I don't know MI2 texts by heart... I've played MI2:SE recently and asked LeChuck about the Secret.
  10. Yeah, he also says that only LeChuck knows the Secret. Also, Herman Toothrot and his unnamed captain-friend have set sail to Monkey Island to uncover the Secret. And Stan also says that they went to uncover the Secret. Everybody knows about Monkey Island and that LeChuck hides there (according to the cook), so I guess most people know about the existence of Secret. And in MI2, Guybrush can ask LeChuck "What is the Secret of Monkey Island?" and LeChuck only answers something like "You'll see soon".
  11. Well, I think that, considering this is a Secret which wasn't revealed for 20 years (I mean, if it would have been revealed like somewhere in 1995, it would have been okay), people are so hyped about it, they talk theories and other stuff, and... there's no way after all ths time, all these discussions, all what happened to the series, no way the Secret revealed will not have a "and... that's it?" reactionon 99% of MI fans. My two cents.
  12. Concerning Monkey Island 3... I really think that Tales of Monkey Island has the plot of what should have been the plot of MI3. I mean, I don't actually think that the ending of MI2 actually meant they were surely going to make MI3. But if MI3 were to be made, I think it should have developed the tensioned relationships between Guybrush-Elaine and Guybrush-LeChuck (not knowing if he's a friend or foe, really brother or not). With some adjustments, ToMI plot could have become a great MI3, IMO. Maybe it's because both Dave and Ron put their hands on it, I don't know. But CoMI cramps everything MI3 should have been in a few unsatisfying starting cutscene minutes, and then goes remaking the SoMI - I mean, come on, Guybrush washes ashore on an island, gathers a crew to save Elaine, sets sail to some lost and barely enhabited island (on both of which he meats the same Cannibals) and then kicks LeChuck's butt. I think CoMI is a good game,but I'm totally not satisfied with the plot. At all. Now. The Secret. I really like the thief's quote from ToMI Ep5- it's a Secret, and if anyone knew it, it would cease to be a Secret. Something like that, the wording is not accurate. Hm... You know, maybe it would have been kinda cool if TT named the 'Secret' item as 'The Secret of Monkey Island'. So we kind of discover the Secret and actively use it, but never learn what it is. PS. Not to mention that the Secret is just an overdone and overhyped joke thanks to Ron
  13. You really... really shouldn't have asked.
  14. That's not the only way of sprucing things up. For example: ship-at-dock-slow, ship-at-sea, ship-at-dock-fast. It's possible to merge them (editing a bit, to spruce things up) to make one nice track.
  15. Regrettably, the main problem is that ToMI GameRIP (as any game rip, I might add) is not very, uhm... let's say, soundtrackable. All those short cues and abrupt endings... Still, I might add that my favorites are ship-map (which, as I said, I named Winslow's theme), ship-at-dock-fast, closing (from ch1), and decava-mouth-angry. And they are all short, bar closing one.
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