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  1. I currently do not plan to work on a translator for the new SE. For the first tool there was no feedback (except for maybe 2 people). If nobody cares to write a few lines about what he liked or didn't like about the tool, then I just don't have the motivation to spend my evenings coding a new tool. Also I remember only like one single instance of someone posting that he actually did a translation using the tool, so there doesn't seem to be much need for it. I still might look into it to see how easy i can adapt the code, but don't expect it anytime soon.
  2. IIRC setting faster subtitles in classic mode makes the speech in SE mode more fluent
  3. This tool is intended to ease the task of translating the Monkey Island SE. Requirements: -Monkey Island SE (got mine from Steam) -Java 1.5+ (latest Java 6 recommended) HowTo: -copy the following 3 files to a new directory: -- "misetran.jar" (download link at the end of this post) -- "speech.info" from "C:\Program files\Steam\steamapps\common\the secret of monkey island special edition\audio" or similar -- "uiText.info" from "C:\Program files\Steam\steamapps\common\the secret of monkey island special edition\localization" or similar -run the following command: java -jar misetran.jar speech.info uiText.info (add paths where necessary) -all changes are saved immediately, so you can close the tool at any time -to test your (partial) translation copy the 2 files back overwriting the ones in the MI-SE subdirectories (always keep backups!!!) and play the game with the first non-English language selected the translator keeps the English text, stores your translation in place of the first non-English language and uses the other languages to store it's data You can copy your translation over any language of an existing speech.info or uiText.info using the following command: java -cp misetran.jar Copy inFile outFile inLang outLang type inFile: the file to copy a translation from outFile: the file to copy a translation to inLang: number of the language to copy from the source file (0 = english, 1-4 = the 4 translations [1 = your translation]) outLang: number of the language to overwrite in the target file (0 = English, 1-4 = the 4 translations]) [not sure if overwriting English is a good idea] type: "speech" or "uitext" (if this is wrong the target file will be corrupted. keep backups) NOTE: this tool is released for free, but also AS IS. the translator has only been tested roughly. the copy tool is untested. Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/314488893/misetran.jar Please post feedback, questions, bug reports and so on in this thread.
  4. i haven't had the time to work on the tool recently. I don't know when I'll upload a new version. I will provide another updated version. I just can't make any promises about when.
  5. uiText.info will be added in the next version of the tool. I've already finished the parser. (I will also be looking at hints file). I didn't have much time for coding in last few weeks, because I move to another city, which ate up quite some time..., but the project is NOT dead, promised. BTW, just out of curiosity, what language are you translating into? And are you planing to translate the entire game? Having some regular feedback on new versions of the tool from real translators would be a great help.
  6. Gotta agree. The only issue I see is that the hair is not "aligned" the same way for all frames, which is noticeable when they are animated. BTW when this is fixed, this pack should get it's own thread IMHO.
  7. I'm not done with all things I want to implement, but I think I have accumulated some changes big enough to release the 2nd test version of my MI-SE translation tool: http://www.load.to/46hZcrSeKB/misetran.jar the update includes: options for search and 2nd table (full or partial match, case sensitivity, ...) ability to select multiple lines in main table and mark them as translated ability to select multiple lines in 2nd table and copy the translation form the selected line of the main table into them column widths are optimized on start up empty lines are no longer shown (empty English text) when you try the tool please let me know the following: does it work at all? (what is your OS and Java version?) how is the start-up time? [when using an already adapted speech.info] how is the performance, do any actions hang or work slowly? (what are your CPU and other hardware specs?) how good do you consider the usability? would you prefer any design changes? what are your feature request for this tool or additional related tools? upcoming features are: support for uiText.info, some statistics, clean-up for the release of the source code, some mini-tools to e.g. copy languages around so you can start with an other one than English as your basis (for improvements on existing translations or maybe for "fun"-translations...). Having written this I notice I don't have any to-dos for the GUI itself, so please let me know if you have any ideas. Feedback from actual translators would be very helpful for me, as well as encouraging.
  8. The first test version my translation tool is now available. It is tested with Java 6 SE on Windows XP. Might work on Java 5.0 as well. Other operation system should be no problem, as long as Swing is available. You can pass the speech.info file as a parameter: java -jar misetran.jar x:\path\speech.info If you don't, a file chooser will pop up when you start the tool. When a speech.info file is opened for the first time the tool replaces the first non-English language with English, so that lines that are not yet translated are in English. The other 3 translations in the speech.info file are used for data storage. (I will later add a tool to combine up to 4 such files into one, which will then include the 4 translations and no other data from the tool). So you have to select the first non-English language (French) in MI SE to see your translation. In the GUI you have the main table showing all lines. You can edit the cells in the translation column. Changes are saved to the file directly. You can also change the "translated?" checkbox. You can set it to true to keep the English text (e.g. for "Oh" or "Grrrr"). You can also uncheck it, removing your translation (has to be accepted in a dialog). The table can be sorted by any column. You can also resize columns and do anything else a basic jTable supports. Above the table is a text field that allows filtering the table by the content of the "English" column. The table below the main table shows all lines similar to the selected one. It allows for quick translating of equal and similar lines. Please test the tool for "real world" usability (I'm not a game translator myself). Any feedback is welcome and will encourage further development. (I already got some features planned...)
  9. My translation tool has reached a usable state. So I'll make it available for public testing in a day or 2. Are any free hosts preferred or discouraged in this forum?
  10. I am currently working on a tool for easy translating of SoMI-SE (well, as "easy" as translating that many lines can be made). It will basically consist of a table that includes the following columns: -English line -Translated line [english before you changed it] (editable) -"is translated" checkbox [undo translation(replace with english again), mark translated(if you wanna keep the original, e.g. for "Grrrrrr")] -actor -scene -maybe other info... below will be some small tables showing: -lines identical (or similar) to the one selected -all subcues form the same cue as the selected one -all lines from the same scene as the selected one I plan for the following features: -tables can be sorted by any column -search/filter lines -add same translation to identical lines with one click (or multiple clicks if you wanna select part of the lines only) I'll open a new thread as soon as I got a preview version ready (I can currently parse the file and display the information in the table). Any feedback from translators that can help me understand how to make the job easier would be very welcome. Just post in this thread for now.
  11. I have created a batch file to rename the tracks of the new Soundtrack: ren "track18b.mp3" "01. Opening Themes.mp3" ren "track18c.mp3" "02. Introduction.mp3" ren "track7.mp3" "03. Chapter Screen.mp3" ren "track9.mp3" "04. The Scumm Bar.mp3" ren "track13.mp3" "05. LeChuck's Theme.mp3" ren "track3.mp3" "06. Following The Shop Keeper.mp3" ren "track10.mp3" "07. Ghost Ship Shuffle.mp3" ren "track6.mp3" "08. MeleƩ Island.mp3" ren "track2.mp3" "09. The Voodoo Shop.mp3" ren "track8.mp3" "10. Guybrush and Elaine.mp3" ren "track4.mp3" "11. MeleƩ Forest.mp3" ren "track19.mp3" "12. Stan's Previously Used Ships.mp3" ren "track12.mp3" "13. The Fettucini Brothers.mp3" ren "track16.mp3" "14. The Journey.mp3" ren "track15.mp3" "15. Monkey Island.mp3" ren "track22.mp3" "16. The Cannibal Village.mp3" ren "track14.mp3" "17. LeChuck's Theme (Alternate).mp3" ren "track5.mp3" "18. Organ Prelude.mp3" ren "track17.mp3" "19. Closing Themes.mp3" ren "track18a.mp3" "20. Theme (alternative version).mp3" ren "track20.mp3" "21. Unknown.mp3" ren "track10a.mp3" "22. Ghost Ship Shuffle (alternative version).mp3" It is based on the following soundtrack: http://soundtracks.mixnmojo.com/mi1.htm Feel free to post corrections of any kind
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