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  1. I was thinking about HK-47 and how he ended up in the Ebon Hawk cargo bay; Revan forcing him in there, and T3 having to try and rebuild him with spare parts. Well when the Exile gets the ship, HK needs a new Chassis, but due to him using the same model, etc... his broken down state, looks exactly like the repaired version. Now there is a mod that recolors his torso to silver like an hk-50, and that makes sense as he was rebuilt with an hk-50 box. Problem is he still looks the same pre and post rebuild unless you put the texture in the override after building him I was thinking that it would look really cool, for hk to have his spine and core processor exposed, like someone who's ribs have been cracked and ripped open. It would truly indicate that well, he needs to be repaired, on top of looking cool.
  2. So the Jedi classes? That's what I assumed. Looking forward to playing through them.
  3. I was wondering what class story gives the best conclusion to the KotOR/TSL/TOR:R storylines? I know there are chuncks of the story available to all the classes, but in terms of feeling like a continuation, which would be the best?
  4. In the intro crawl seen on the website, Bastilla Shan is mentioned as leading the Jedi Council. I just read one of your posts on this page about immersion and wanting RoR to feel like it's part of the same universe as KotOR and TSL. Soooo, what's the deal here? Do we not get to decide if KotOR ended darksided?
  5. From what I can see, Kreia's statement that the Jedi wiped his mind and replaced it with a new persona is not a retconn and is referenced in not one, but TWO offical sources, Bastilla even says as much : "What greater weapon is there than to turn your enemy to your cause?" This also works fully with TSL, and is along the same lines as the TSL>K1 retconning of Revan's fall. Kreia says that Revan fell to the darkside only so that he could prepare the Republic for the True Sith invasion. Who wants to bet that Revan, after finding Traya after her fall to the darkside, simply came out and told her "Oh and by the way, I met the Sith Emperor, he wants me to prepare the republic for his invasion, but, hehehehe, I'm NOT going to." Kreia herself says she doesn't know everything about it, and that she is also not telling you everything. TSL doesn't **** up KotOR, nor does TOR **** up TSL, both simply add more depth to the previous entry in the franchise.
  6. It was a great vehicle for the series. If you do watch the movie, please watch the Director's Cut, it has been fixed up and modified to fit better with SG-1.
  7. If LA were to make games based off the six movies with the playing style of TFU, would you by them?
  8. Poor sleheyron... Hmm maybe this is a publicity stunt for the mod or something...

  9. Yoda, Joruus Ci'both(sp), Maris Brood, possibly a confrontation with Mara Jade... Infinite possibilities... EDIT: Qui-Gon Jinn's force ghost. EDIT: He was old and weak when he fought Tyranus and Sidious, and still sorta won...
  10. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Blasphemy!!!! I won't by it if OE doesn't do it.
  11. Any chance you might release a small mod that makes it so the Star Forge robes use the Revan Robe model and you're Revan Jedi Knight Robes textures, and the Revan Robes you get on the Star Forge to have you're Darth Revan - Dark Lord of the Sith textures, all compatible with the flowing robes of course.

  12. Wow long post. Anyway, I would use the Un-restored content mod, rebuilding the jedi enclave, dantooine restoration, and the 1.0b patch.
  13. I've searched the thread so... Where can I get the Visas/Nihilus cutscene fix? Team-gizka's website isn't working Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Forbidden You don't have permission to access /TSLRP/Fixes/rzf_nihvis_cutscene.zip on this server. Apache/2.2.4 (Ubuntu) PHP/5.2.3-1ubuntu6.5 Server at www.team-gizka.org Port 80
  14. the main thing they would have to do is make the server single pc only...
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