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  1. Hey... I know this kind of awkward. But right now I'm applying for a uni. And it would be kind of helpful if I could add this to my portfolio (if my lines were used anyway...).


    I don't REALLY need this but it could help.


    Thanks. :D


  2. Wanted to say Hi, for old You Bashing me on Team Hssiss chat times.

  3. Well, hi.

  4. Wait, why are you talking about? This is for K1, isn't it?
  5. You do know that you could just edit your posts instead of double posting. First of all don't "Remove Force Power Armor Restrictions" and "No Force Power Restrictons" do the same thing? (rhetorical if anyone is wondering) Just keep one of them because they may be conflicting and that could bite you in the ass later on. Second, no offense to Insidious, but The Tomb of Azgath N'Dul is glitchy if you have other mods installed I think... Thirdly there are enough force powers in the game, so you don't need the Force Pack unless you use cheats to get them all. Lastly having too much mods breaks the game since some files overwrite others which overwrite certain elements of the game, i.e. the 2 Atris(ses). This is a general law of KOTOR modding because you are adding stuff to a folder but the game doesn't have a custom encryped archived file from which to directly read off content like in Bethesda's games and others. P.S. Just follow Hassat's advice for now. P.S.2: Sorry for not replying earlier, didn't see I had a PM.
  6. No problem. ;)

  7. i cleaned up that post,...writing a post in 1am is bad idea lol =)


  8. Well nicely up until ME3's ending. Well playing Minecraft, playing a YGO simulator(not one of the games) to remember what it was like before, KoA:R, Skyrim and thinking of returning to the KOTORs just because I'm bored of anything else. And a fun browser RTS called Lord Of Ultima. Also playing Team Fortress 2 on insistence of a friend of mine but alas I'm not premium :(.

  9. Hey man! It's been forever! How's life been treating you?

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