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  1. QFT They should have made Episode I an alternate story like TFU,where Jar Jar does not exist,and there isn't any other "comic relief" character. But seriously they should have picked a more innovative idea to exploit...i mean milk... i mean use
  2. true but considering how much attention LA payed to fans the last 5 years i doubt they will spend money on developing actual new modes for the PC version
  3. Really nice thread.Personally i didn't give much thought to the years after TSL and to what happened to the characters,probably because I still hope for a KOTOR 3.
  4. Just because we didn't get any news on Instances does not mean that they are not in the game.There has been no video of actual gameplay.
  5. Your not the only one who doesn't like this game.I don't like it myself(don't like meaning I loathe the very man who came up with this idea and to call it a "sequel for KOTOR"). I don't know what the hell is going on with the whole canon/non-canon thing.TFU screwed the very essence of SW canon,TOR is creating a new era "the old republic,older than Episode one,but still not as old as in KOTOR" which imho will be plagued by compromises in the story,to serve for mmo gameplay. I personally wish the game will fail,as i see this as yet another attempt of senseless,greedy milking of the dehydrated SW cow.
  6. Meh.I finished TFU both on Wii and 360 and i was really disappointed with both the game and the gimmicky story.So my expectations on the PC version(the lack of whom i bitched aboutendlessly) are really low.
  7. The fact that it depicts the Clone Wars in a new way,a more true to life war reality.That is really the way that the Clone Wars should have been showed,not like these new kiddy cartoons. Oh,and another thing was that made the game great was the gameplay.
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