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  1. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  2. From imgur user "ceemdee": Full gallery, with alternate shots (and Pumpkins based on other games): http://imgur.com/a/osgnk
  3. I have the 2008 Trade Hardcover Edition from Subterranean Press, which reproduces the original James Gurney cover art. It's a beautiful-looking book ... but more importantly, it's an INCREDIBLE read. Dark fantasy at its finest, and Powers' prose is just superb. Read it any way you can!
  4. Wow ... I was prepared to write this off as just another well-intentioned but ultimately lame act of fan-fiction. Whoops! To my delight, it actually sounds more or less like Sam & Max -- not just the voices, but the tone and humor! If Purcell gave his blessing here, I can see why! Great job. I'll be paying attention to see how it turns out.
  5. Anyone else think this is front-page-worthy news? Source: the Flickr account of Orion Pax...
  6. Click the link. You can get it at Amazon.com I got my copy at Best Buy. I've also seen it at Wal-Mart. But that was years ago. At this point, online is probably your best bet.
  7. *ahem* Of course, this is a CD-ROM version of the game, but still...
  8. Highland abridged the score so it would fit onto a single CD -- or at least, that's what it looks like to me. Read through the other MI2SE soundtrack thread, and you'll find additional and alternate edits.
  9. Oh, I've checked it out. I've got every remix Highland has done, that I'm aware of!
  10. Highland is awesome! While I do prefer my own longer edit (available on the other thread), this is a fine solution for those who want to have a representation of the score that fits onto a single CD! I'm also pleased Highland was able to create a listenable suite of the "Underground Tunnels" material, for those who want it -- it's very difficult to splice together in a smooth fashion. And yeah, I'd definitely download this again if it were uploaded at a higher bitrate!
  11. Thanks for the link, but I think the Cinematic Underscore CD is only in ROUGH game order. That's what my memory is telling me, anyway. Also, it doesn't address the question of how one would INTEGRATE the Cinematic Underscore CD with the Gameplay Underscore CD.
  12. Yeah, they ain't perfect. I'd have made some different choices all around. But you know ... compared to even the best Roland MT-32 recordings I have, the SE version is still my preferred listen at this point!
  13. Wasn't there also a bit where Largo takes LeChuck's beard, where it skips one of the short music cues? I thought I remembered reading that...
  14. SG: Like I said, I hadn't intended to post my edit anywhere. It was actually this thread that changed my mind ... so I'm glad you bothered.
  15. My sincere apologies, SG ... it wasn't my intention to insult anyone else's work. This is just something I was always going to do for myself anyway, and I thought I'd share it here. I guess I didn't realize the degree to which you (the originating poster) considered this thread a distinct, cooperative project, rather than just a central location for people to post their own edits. I interpreted the request to focus on stuff that hadn't been done yet as an effort to get as much music out as possible in the shortest time, and since I had the whole thing handy... At any rate, I hope you don't continue to feel "invalidated" ... there's a huge amount of variety in how this music can be assembled, as your versions of "Bart & Fink," "Mardi Gras Fish Fry" amply demonstrate. Anyway, I am sorry for stepping on your toes. I truly didn't mean to offend, and I hope no one feels discouraged from posting their own uniquely crafted stuff.
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