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  1. I've heard this same argument from Republicans arguing against gun control. "Guns don't kill people; people kill people." It's just a play on words. In reality, guns make it much easier. In the same way, games which are designed never to end make video game addiction much more likely than games which do end. Addiction is caused by the "reward" psychology. Rewards "reinforce" certain types of behavior. MMO's are designed to keep you hooked by constantly holding the carrot out in front of you. There is always another reward waiting for you if you play a little longer. You don't just play it; you subscribe to it. They don't prove addicting to everybody because not everyone has the same tastes in video games. You might find WoW quests boring, for instance, so that you stop playing it. It's because you are not getting a psychological reward for such behavior. For other people, though, playing WoW is like a drug.
  2. I'm not so sure that the WoW Freakout Kid was proven to be a fake, but I'd welcome a link that proves it. People do strange things when they are in a fit of rage. They grab the nearest object and try to destroy it or use it to destroy themselves. If that was acting then it was certainly very good acting. I don't think we are really having a debate because all you are doing is attacking straw men with red herrings. I don't disagree with any points you've made and you don't disagree with any points I've made. No need to get spirited about anything. Now back to the main topic: You may be right that TOR is different, but I'm not willing to risk addiction to it to find out.
  3. 1. I insulted you by admitting that I have a tendency to get addicted to video games? If anything, I insulted myself. I never made a single "assessment" about other gamers in my entire post. The only generalization that I made is that MMO's are addictive. I stand by that statement. 2. MMO addiction is real for many players. I can come up with many more examples, including scholarly ones. In fact, I know a kid who got addicted to WoW and had to recover. I also knew a kid who was addicted to Halo. Here is some quick data: http://scienceblogs.com/cognitivedaily/2008/06/are_mmorpgs_addictive.php 3. I don't play FPS's either, mostly because I'm terrible at them but also because I know that they are also addictive. It is my opinion that MMO's are dangerous and can have evil consequences if you take them too far. It is also my opinion that certain types of video games, like MMO's, are more addictive than others. But that doesn't mean that I think that all WoW players are "morons." Above I was simply answering the OP's request for reasons "why I won't be playing TOR." I won't be playing it because I have a past history of video game addiction.Now I will leave this forum and go back to the TFU forum if you don't mind.
  4. Surgery by proxy? You mean surgery done by someone on behalf of someone else? Just kidding . . . The only reasonable in-universe explanation is reconstructive surgery unless the case can be made that the contact was so brief that his face and eyes would not have been severely disfigured by the blade. You can suffer varying degrees of injury from a given heat source depending on the duration of contact. Also note that Kota's eyes had water on them, which may be pertinent since you can touch fire for a split second without getting burned so long as your hand is wet. But since lightsabers can cut through almost any material without encountering resistance and may have an internal blade temperature hotter than the sun, escaping from severe disfigurement is probably not possible even if contact is only made for a millisecond. That is unless all lightsabers have a "coronal" layer represented by the colored aura that is not as hot as the core and thus capable of inflicting minor burns under the right circumstances. There's my "silly" theory for you.
  5. I won't be playing it because it's an MMO. Have you ever heard of the "WoW Freakout Kid?" I have no doubt that I would turn into that kid if I ever picked up an MMO. I can get extremely addicted to much less immersive games like turn-based rpg's and rts's, all single-player even. The only games I will even touch nowadays are single-player story adventure games like TFU that actually end at some point. The less replayability the better. If this game were like TFU I would be drooling over it.
  6. Glad I could help. There are other threads about beating Vader, so I will only give you a hint: Block until he goes into his red shield (he can't strike you while you block), then hop behind him before he hits you with it. As soon as he discharges the shield, give him a few good lightsaber hits from behind. When he turns around, hold down the block button again. Rinse and repeat; he won't get a hit on you.
  7. There is a "force speed." It's called "dash" and I'm assuming that your game has it. I don't have the manual for the Mac game, so you're going to have to look up which button to push yourself. Didn't I tell you this already on the original thread? This thread should be deleted as a duplicate. In my manual for Xbox, it's described under the heading "Dash and Evade" in the section "Combat Actions." So jump up in the air and *press the dash button.* If the Mac game doesn't have dash then I can't help you, but I don't understand why it wouldn't. It's a basic part of the game that they teach you early on. Edit: According to the PC manual, which I found online, the SHIFT button is force dash. So assuming the Mac controls are the same, what you have to do is run towards the end of the bridge, double-tap the spacebar and then tap and release shift while you're in midair.
  8. Palpatine did migrate his soul to the new body, though. So that's not really cloning a force sensitive. It's more like changing the tires. Would his clone bodies have been able to wield his force powers otherwise? In any case, it's probably impossible to clone Vader if only because he is the fatherless Chosen One and has very unique genetics that cannot be replicated.
  9. I see where you're coming from. He's just a mess of conflicting emotions and raw talent that never really was tamed and put to use. He is either really angry or really frustrated or really in love. But maybe that's just the impression we get from playing a button-masher video game. The constant attacking and rushing from objective to objective may simply block out the careful thoughts and reflections that a character like Luke evokes in the audience. Nevertheless, I think that the gravity of his actions and his immense talents merit him a fairly high rank in the pantheon of Star Wars force-users. Just how high is the problem.
  10. How does Starkiller stack up against the great force-wielders of the galaxy? In other words, what company does he deserve? Top 5? Top 10? Top 20? What do you say? By "greatness," I mean fighting skills, force powers, accomplishments, etc. He defeated some very formidable Jedi masters, took down a massive starship with his mind, and soundly vanquished Darth Vader in a prolonged duel. I would also say that he beat up on Palpatine but we all know that the Emperor was faking it. His force powers as shown in the game are probably exaggerated for effect, of course. So disregard the special effects as special effects. What do you think? If you want my opinion, I would say Top 10. But I don't know very much Star Wars canon to begin with.
  11. Look up the character of Markus Corvinus in the movie Underworld: Evolution. Does that ring a bell? He's the Sith Stalker without armor or tattoos.
  12. Yeah, you're probably right. But what if the body he threw out the window was a training droid of Juno (presumably durable enough to survive such a beating if that is even possible) and the body that Starkiller kisses is the real one? That would address both of the above comments. It is also worth mentioning that since Vader believes that keeping her alive is the best way to control Starkiller, he probably wouldn't just chuck the real Juno out the window with such little care - she's too valuable to him. But now I'm getting even further away from the OP, so feel free to stop me.
  13. I agree. It's even worse than "Wait! He didn't actually die!", which is something we may still see from this series. It would have been much better if they went with a totally new apprentice, if only for the sake of preserving the original Starkiller's noble martyrdom and nothing else.
  14. Given how deserted this board is, I welcome speculative discussion about the game's plot. Also, I would call it a theory before I would call it a "fanboy rumor." I certainly haven't heard anyone else say it yet. That being said, I don't think a clone of Vader would say "As long as she lives, I will always control you" or whatever he said after he was captured. How or why would Vader cause his clone to memorize something like that? Also remember that Vader's arm was cut off and revealed to be bionic. Making a clone is one thing but making a clone and then replacing its limbs with cyborg parts is another. I think that given the above quote, Juno is more likely to be a fake. She couldn't possibly have survived that fall. Maybe there was some body switching going on or a disguised robot. PROXY sure got to Juno's side fast. If you really think about it, making endless clones of Juno would be a perfect way to control Starkiller and/or the Dark Apprentice. By creating an endless stock of Junos to go through (using DNA collected from the days when she worked for Vader), Vader could ensure that "I will always control you." Just something to think about.
  15. I hate it when they take a great movie with a complete storyline and try to pin on two more films to make it into a trilogy. It's not a trilogy; it's two separate stories told in three movies. If there was any possibility of the first movie being so popular that it would inspire a sequel, why didn't you leave any openings whatsoever for the story to be continued? The only good trilogies are those that were trilogies to begin with. Just look at what a flop Pirates of the Caribbean turned out to be. I'm getting the same vibe from TFU2 that I got from Dead Man's Chest. Both are basically an extended trailer for the third installment. The Star Wars prequel trilogy, even though it was meant to be a trilogy, is also guilty of this. Episode 1 was a complete story with a beginning and end. Episode 2 basically started all over again and did nothing more than set the stage for Epsode 3. That's two separate stories crammed into one trilogy, not one continuous story like it should be, and it's exactly what they're doing to TFU. Even if it's not one continuous story, why not three stories? That can work too. The Lord of the Rings was one story but it was also three separate stories. At the end of the Two Towers you had at least been treated to a complete storyline about Saruman that essentially began and ended in the same movie. If Christopher Lee's character had been defeated in Episode 2 of Star Wars, the ending wouldn't have felt so abrupt. In fact, it would have felt like the proper conclusion to a movie mostly about his actions. The Two Towers was a story within a story. TFU 2, as much as you'd like to call the duel with Vader a climax, was still only half of a story.
  16. Vader isn't stupid. There's no way he would set up a trap for the rebel fleet and then lose unless he actually wanted to lose. My theory is that he wants the Dark Apprentice to follow him and lost both the battle and the duel on purpose. I'm a TFU fan and I'm morally opposed to MMOs. But that's just me.
  17. Jedi Adventure Robe = Altair From Assassin's Creed Sith Stalker Armor = Markus from Underworld Evolution You can't beat the Sith Robe. It's a Star Wars classic and even looks slightly LOTR-ish.
  18. Do you know how to do a jump-dash-force-push? I'm on an Xbox but hopefully there should still be such a combo on your game. You jump (or double-jump) to get airborne, then do a dash+force push (it makes a "double-dash"). That way you can get all the way across and more. You press force push right after the dash.
  19. I was just thinking about this and was wondering if anyone had any more thoughts. So I would like to develop my thoughts a little more: The fact is that Vader really wants to recover the Starkiller we play with, and alive (he doesn't just want to see where he goes and he doesn't just want to kill him). Given the fact that Vader already has a "perfect clone," the Dark Apprentice, I think it's safe to say that he doesn't want Starkiller because he's just a really good clone that could still be useful. It isn't worth all of Vader's trouble. So that could mean two things: 1. He's not a clone and Vader is trying to capture the real Starkiller alive. 2. He is a clone, but . . . a. The Dark Apprentice really isn't a better clone than him. b. He was created and set free on purpose so that the Dark Apprentice could hunt him down and by destroying a good version of himself, become truly evil. This in turn could mean that the Dark Apprentice is the real Starkiller or that Vader just really cares about the Dark Apprentice that much. c. Vader just wanted to lure the rebel fleet to Kamino and fully expected to destroy it. Here's what I think of each possibility: 1: Still possible, but assuming that the dark side ending would have happened, why would Vader let the Dark Apprentice kill the real Starkiller? 2a: Again, why would Vader allow for the dark side ending to be a possibility if he cares so much about this particular clone? 2b: This seems logical to me. 2c: If this is what Vader wanted, he sure messed up badly, didn't he? Based on his instructions to the Dark Apprentice, it's almost as if he thought he might lose the battle. He also didn't just kill Starkiller once he returned with the rebel fleet. Instead, he was willing to let him go back out and hunt down Kota and after that, the rest of the rebel leaders. This could mean that Vader's just trying to salvage something from his failed plan, but that again seems unlikely given the fact that he knew he might lose the battle.
  20. That's absolutely nuts. A seven-part combo? My only advice would be to time it by ear. You press the push button right after you hear the dashing sound. If that is what it takes to get platinum on Retrieval then the game developers have some explaining to do. I got within six seconds using regular old jump-jump-dash-push and didn't even know that you could stay in the air longer than that. I just started a new thread about the trials and I would love to hear how you got Platinums in almost everything else. EDIT: OK I figured it out. It's just a four-part combo: Dash-Jump-Dash-Push, but you have to be right on the edge of the platform when you start it. You use it to skip the moving platforms and just go straight from one static platform to the other. Also, the secret to getting enough distance on the dash-push is to wait to press the push button until the end of the dash. You can still perform a dash-jump-dash-push and come up way short if you perform the jump and the push parts too soon after the dashes because they limit the dash distance. But hey you may have already figured this out. If so, just disregard this post. If not, good luck.
  21. Post your tips for winning a medal in each trial below. I will only post tips for trials in which I received Platinum or Gold: Platinum: 1. Kamino Drill Grounds: Stormtroopers are coming from both directions; some have to run a long way, others a much shorter path. When I got platinum, I used nothing but lightning to dispatch them. It is better to go from one end of the room to the other using dash rather than guarding the end of the room that has the doors. That way, you won't have two parties of stormtroopers heading for the doors at once. Stay in the middle and you should be able to get 5 minutes pretty easily. Only shock each party of soldiers twice. Crystals: Double Focus to conserve energy 2. Deadly Path: Jump-dash to get across to the first big platform. Hit the dash button immediately after the jump button; you don't want to get very high. Dash once to get across the platform. GO LEFT. For this next sequence of platforms, you have to use dash-blast (add the force push button on the end of each dash) after each jump. When you get to the second big platform, don't worry about dashing, just run about three quarters of the way across, jump and do another dash-blast. GO RIGHT. If you go left you will be caught on a low platform and forced to do a costly double-jump to get to the finish. Dash-blast to the last step on the right and then do a double-jump dash-blast to get all the way across to the final platform (your last jump will be your longest and slowest). Then just dash into the light. Crystals: N/A 3. Terror: This is the easiest trial there is. It's just the basics: Use repulse on the spider droids. For the terror troopers, just shock them, grapple them while they're stunned (the grapple that uses your lightsabers to throw them), and finish them off before they get up. Crystals: Double Focus to conserve energy or Focus/Disintegration 4. Retrieval: EDIT: Thanks to a post by Qui-Gon Glenn, I was able to get Platinum for this trial using the dash-jump-dash-push technique. Dash to the first static platform, then perform three consecutive DJDP moves to get to the fourth static platform. You can afford to wait for the rotating platforms to line up, then jump across to get the holocron and back to the fourth static platform. Then perform two DJDP moves to get to the second platform. At this point, you can try another DJDP, but you should be so far ahead that you may only need to use a more conservative jump-jump-dash-push move to get within dashing distance of the first static platform. To perform the DJDP: You have to get to the edge of the platform. Let the full dash happen, then press jump, then dash near the top of the jump. The trick to getting all the way over to the other platform is to delay the push slightly. You have to wait to the very end of the second dash. Crystals: N/A 5. Gauntlet: Tip: You can afford to use the kill animations for the droids. Round 1: Take off the battle droid's shield first. Then deliver a quick saber throw followed by a repulse. Rush in to kill the droid with a few shocks and saber strokes; no need to jump. Then shock any remaining riot troopers to death. Round 2: Give a few bursts of lightning but make sure you jump right away. Always stay behind or on top of the terror droid. Strike it with your lightsabers from above. Try to get as many jumptroopers down as possible before the terror droid charges at you. Round 3: Dash ahead and shock the scouts to death. Then take off the droid's shield. For this droid, you do have to jump up and stand on top of it while you slash. Lightning helps but is not needed. Round 4: Dash forward to get to the acolytes first, spraying out lightning as you go. Grapple each one with the lightsaber grapple, then shock. Shock the terror troopers to death and grapple them as well if you have time. Crystals: Shock for sure/ Incineration 6. Deflection: Use grip rather than deflect for as long as you can. This is because it is much quicker. You have a certain number of enemies to defeat in a certain amount of time and if you cut off each rocket early with grip instead of waiting for all of the rockets to reach you, you can actually finish early and have a short rest at the end of each round. It is also much easier to grip a rocket than to deflect it. When the scout walkers appear, use force grip to send some of the rockets at them. Grab a rocket, throw it at the scout walker, then jump to dodge the incoming rockets that you didn't grab. If you become overwhelmed by the sheer number of rockets and only have a few seconds left to your desired medal, just start hopping around and most of the rockets will miss you. Just don't fall off the platform. Crystals: Double Healing Gold: 1. Domination: For this one, I just used several repulses and that's it. I really have no advice except to use the repulses before they're on top of you because sometimes you can catch a riot trooper in mid-lunge with the repulse and he will actually fall forward into the circle instead of being blasted backwards. Crystals: Double Focus to conserve energy 2. Scout Trooper: It isn't too hard to get Gold on this one, but Platinum seems distant. Quite simply, you have to be dashing (or hopefully dash-blasting) the whole time. Jumping isn't going to help much. First set: Just dash-blast to the end; don't stop. Second: Go to the barricade on the right just before they fire, collect the holocron, then quickly advance to the third holocron and pause only briefly behind the last barricade. Third: Grip the boulder and give it a quick heave down the field before quickly dashing behind it. Don't throw it too far. Once you have collected the fourth holocron, just dash to the end. Fourth. Collect the fifth holocron and then just ignore the scouts on the steps and use jump-dashes to get to the final platform. They might shoot you in the back but all you need is a tick of health left over. Fifth: Dash-blast for your life to get to the light. Crystals: N/A 3. Cloning Spire: It's hard to explain because it happened so fast. All I can give you are some tips: Use lightsaber throw when you have energy. Give your energy bar a couple of breaks by smashing a few tanks the old-fashioned dashing way, but still try to throw as often as possible and never just spam the attack button because Starkiller will go into a chain move and use up time. You can get two or three tanks with one throw if you time it just right. Try to aim for two tanks at a time. Also, try to leave the tanks that are nearest to the next platform for last. That way you can hop over there immediately. I've noticed that you can take out two tanks right off the bat if you do a throw straight ahead as soon as the trial starts. Crystals: Double Focus to conserve energy As for the Combat Trial, Bronze is enough for me. You don't need to know any combos to beat the game, even on Unleashed, so I'm not going to go out of my way to do well on this one. So post away. I know for a fact that some of you have gotten Platinum on almost every trial.
  22. I usually prefer two blue sabers and the experimental Jedi armor because it looks like the exact opposite of the saber guard's appearance. If I feel a little dark I will always go with Sith Stalker and two reds; the Dark Apprentice's robes and eyes just feel too weird. I also like to use the ceremonial Jedi robes quite a bit. My favorite colors are purple and blue, but my preferred upgrades are usually Shock, Disintegration, or Drain. Does anyone else agree with me that lightsabers with pulsing/unstable crystals look stupid? Also, I used to think that the black lightsaber looked awesome with the Sith Robes in TFU1, but in this game, it pretty much looks bad next to any costume.
  23. It almost seems awkward for Starkiller to die a second time. It wouldn't be epic at all. That is, if it's another martyrdom. If they could figure out some other way for him to die then I might be a little more lenient. Maybe there's a little bit of overlap and he just happens to be on the Death Star holding Juno close when it blows. Maybe he's in the middle of some sort of trial or execution and can feel it coming. Just as it hits, he closes his eyes and smiles . . .
  24. Once again, my thoughts are: The Juno Eclipse we see is a clone or a robot because she survived that fall. "As long as she lives, I control you." (or something like that) The Dark Apprentice is somehow the real Starkiller and he's just being controlled by an elaborate hoax. The good clone was created on purpose to get him to "kill" his good side. "Maybe he's here." Obviously I have no concrete evidence whatsoever.
  25. I don't care about the show. It's the movie that annoys me. I finally saw it when it came out on TV and was really glad that I didn't waste my money in the theaters. It would be interesting to see Asohka rendered in a different medium, but I have to side with the Clone Wars haters on this one because it would just seem a little weird for me since I don't watch the show regularly. I'd rather have Maris Brood return for a number of reasons. First of all, she's mysterious and troubled, constantly struggling with her identity - if Starkiller weren't both of these things, he wouldn't be popular. Secondly, her return would mean so much more for the story and for Starkiller in particular, i.e. his decision to spare her would ultimately save his life, etc. And lastly, she's got a nice pair of lightsabers.
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