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  1. Yeah I made one a while ago but couldn't find anywhere to host it. I tried to get JKii.net to host it but never got a reply. Anyone wanna host it for me? It's rather large weighing in at 32megs but thats because of the way I had to make it. But if you wanna host me I can send it to you on ICQ. Just hop on and add me 127300027
  2. I've noticed that it seems in the UK Violence is more censored where as sex is not. Which is more oposite in the US
  3. Smoof

    SP Force Powers

    It goes up according to the game. It raises at certain intervules. doesn't matter how much you use it
  4. Lol.. Nerf... play EQ much?
  5. Ahh when I was at my friends house playing on the Lan, him and his brother kept doing that to me.... well prevous to this I had showed them the dual saber so we had cheats on... needless to say they were stunned when they'd throw me over and then I'd come floating back up cause of no clip.... hey it's what happens when I get annoyed with that crap. Heh, they didn't know what was going on. Why I could fly heh heh. was funny as hell. Popping up outta the floor behind them and hacking them up
  6. What we need is a game like Quake 2's CTF, the one with the special power ups like heal and crap. It'd prolly be an easy mod to do. Just combine Holocron and CTF.
  7. Actually if you shoot people in the back and shoot them while they're fighting you infact have no skill at all. You're just a sad sad little ***** who wouldn't dare go up against someone in a saber fight because you KNOW you'd lose. Hell. You wouldn't even fight em if they had a gun because once again you'd lose. Why? Because you have no skill and have to shoot people in the back or when they're defenceless against you and fighting someone else... get some skills. I'll come own your ass with guns in Quake3 if you like. As stated before you don't play JK2 for the guns you play it for the ability to use sabers and force powers
  8. You're trying to make this like the dual bladed saber easter egg discussion... I'm pretty sure it's not going to get to that point. It's not quite as much a big of a deal as the saber was
  9. Know whats even more fun? Not using guns!
  10. So what is it. Doesn't matter, SP or MP.. I'd say the coolest and funnest thing I've ever done was in MP. So. I'm running along, with my double bladed saber and I come to this long long hallway. Not sure which map. But at the other end I see my friends brother. So I sit there for a second, turn off my saber and he turns off his. We just stand there staring at each other for about 15-20 seconds. Then I turn on force speed and start running towards him, I turn my saber on when I'm almost to him do a jump, flip over him and hack him to bits... needless to say, he wasn't expecting it, but it was cool as hell, lol.
  11. Yeah, I went to a lan party at my friends house and all my friend and his brother were doing is gripping me and dropping me off ledges and draining me and lightning me. I got pissed off so I switched over to dark side, makes things easier on myself. Lightside is definetly way weak
  12. Been using it since day one almost... quite usefull yet dangerous for pushing people off ledges
  13. Don't just call him Black dude... call him Lando =) As well, there are vents on either side of the ship that are hidden under boxes that you go through to open it up. Then to turn on the fuel go towards the huge doors that are open, turn right, run along the hanger till you hit the huge tank with pipes coming out of it and the fuel buttons are on that. They're red and blue
  14. The reason you can't pick and choose your force powers in this one is because you actually NEED your powers for certain parts of the game. In JK1 you kinda just had em and didn't really need to use em. In this one they all have a specific role and a certain part of the game where they're needed.
  15. Odd... I got no framerate drop at all I'm on a p2 400 GeForce DDR (That'd be 256... as in original) and I'm getting around 30FPS average everywhere, except in huge battles
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