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  1. ok, thanks :) when will the rest of the team get em? :p

  2. ok but I'm on the team so i thought i should help or tomething? :p

  3. Hi, I wondered if u could send me the Arc trooper mod maps so i can start searching for bugs and stuff like that :p thanks :)

  4. when and how are u planning to give me skinning advice? :)

  5. that would be great! thanks :D

  6. i noticed! thanks man ;D helps me alot :D now i only have to find out how to make a map :D and how to import 3D models and helmets :p

  7. i posted it in ARC Lunge :)

  8. can u!? please tell me :D

  9. can u tell me on a PM how i make extra squad mates? :p

  10. nice, were will u post the link? :D

  11. ok, good luck with em ;D

  12. shall we call hazard mod dead yet? :p

  13. well i am using gimp :p

  14. hi, can u send me the skins of that ep3 clone and commander cody and that sniper skin?

    i would love to help u with skinning now as i finally have figured out i can make some lower class skin, i will send u the results so u can see if i am good at all :p

  15. i've got another texture of a hazard clone :D i'll send it to u right now ;D

    i have checked the resolution and it is 800x800 and i can't get the skins to work :/

    well enjoy the skin ;D

  16. tanks and tell me if u find out of it ;)

  17. ok, but i did everything u said... did not change anything and saved it bmp 24 bit i think :p

  18. now i have sent u an mail with my new skin ;D enjoy!

  19. i make a no face comado for unit 2... i think that will be cool, so try to place my skin ingame and send me screenies :D

  20. i've sent a skin to u'r mail :)

  21. got em, i'm going to read the story nao :D

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