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  1. oooh sorry, forgot to speak English XD what i ment was: can u send pics of the new maps in campaign and the new weapons :D atleast u know how that is spelled in norwegian now :p

  2. kan du legge ut bilder av de nye mapene og våpenene? :D

  3. hi, i just want to know what is new in the next beta release and when is the first full version coming? :p

  4. no, i live in norway ;P Svalbard/Spitsbergen actually :) have u ever tried to ride a snowmobile? :p

  5. thanks for putting my name in the beta movie ^^

  6. can u add me in the team there? under tec support ofc :p

  7. can u add me in the team there? under tec support ofc :p


  8. if any1 needs help i will help em so they don't have to bother you who are working on the mod... what is the website called again? :p

  9. ok, BUT TRY TO TURN OF CAPS LOCK :p I CAN READ. how many levels do u have? :p and at last why can't i join as tec support?

  10. hi. can u send me a link to the mod so i actually can see how far we have gotten? instead of being a total jackass to me?

  11. hi (again :p) is there any changes for me to join the Carbonite modding team as a part in Technical Support?

  12. no, but if we can come in a dialog with em i thing they could be able to help... just a suggestion tho...

  13. i'm so sorry for being offline all this time! i have been really busy with the snowmobile season :S I will be as much as possible at u'r service as I can. again I am very sorry!

    just ask if u need my help :D

  14. nice! u might like to contact blacksandstudioes at blacksandstudio.com. they are really good!

  15. Nice! can u send me a link to this 1? :p i have a beta but, missing some weapon and only 1 level is costumed :p

  16. hi, it have been a vhile since i*ve been on the site, been distracted with working on Project reality for BF2 :S so how is the progress on the mod u have been working on? is there a beta version i can download or is it a full version?



  17. ok, you think it will take a month??

  18. ook, when do you think you can make it??

  19. hi, can u send a mod wit 7 extra maties? (every1 has to be plain white clone trooper :D)

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