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  1. can't you learn it?? :(

  2. ok, so it did not work??, btw. can u make a skin fot BF2 for me and send link to extreme mod for BF2?? :D

  3. how is modding going?

  4. not yet, but i'm working on ti :D i'll let you know when i'm finish :D

  5. first you must tell me what the names on the maps will me :p

  6. yes i do :D, and if you can send me a super mod who does only me not the squad super strong ;D

  7. ok, thanks :D let me know if the mod is going to work or not :D

    is it possible to make the trandos looke like black clone troopers in single player mod??

  8. thanks :D when will you be finish uploading??

    and can u make the mod i asked about? :p

  9. 1. i was in game had joined tha game tried ~ and "ALT + ~"...

    2. ok just replace the maps :D i don't care about MP maps :p if i want to play i just reinstall :D


    can u make a mod who makes my squad die like all the other clone troopers??

  10. should i get up a random map first? :S

  11. ALT + ~ for getting up console?

    do i have to get up the console in the main menu or in a lan game wit the pause menu up or just press and get up the console without the console? :p

  12. there is nothing there :(

  13. now i have tryed, but unsuccessfully :(

  14. no, but i will now :D

  15. yes it does... other side?? what is there?

  16. yes it does... other side?? what is there?

  17. other side of the wall!?

  18. i did start map1 in deathmatch but when i join there aren't any AIs :( but now i will try map2 :D


    another bug in clone trooper mod: in the first level in ghostship you can't fly into the jet engine :p

  19. did you have same problem??

    (ca. how long did you klikk?)

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