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  1. Ok, sorry. here's the link to the TOR video, the mask in this is similar to vader"s with out the top of his helmet. The armor on the sith isn't that diffrent either, just a reskin of the revan robe's fixed mod, and without the hood would be just fine. Oh and i thought it was Angral because in the video discription he was the main sith leading the attack on the temple, i just thought he had a mask on. http://www.swtor.com/media/trailers/deceived-cinematic-trailer
  2. Well i was downloadin the malak mask the other day and then i saw the breath mask in my inventory and thought it would look cool cause i have the "malak fan of vader mod" that makes malaks clothes look like vaders, any way i was wondering if the malak jawpice/malakmask could be combined with the breath mask into one model to sorta give it a fader look or at least like Lord angral in the swtor video. Also the revan cape and belt fix, where the cape flows and every thing actually moves, could be made to sorta have a vader feel and, with out the hood so that when u get the helmet u've got the Dark lord kinda feel. Just wondering, thx for reading!
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