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  1. Oh, hey Hockey, ya I should start going there again :D

  2. hey, k1, whats new? just wonderin why you arn't hangin around cabonite modders......we have made HUGE progress

  3. Nice avatar "K1" :D

  4. If you'd like, but my established nick name is just K1. :)

  5. Hey K1lingdr3ad, can I call you K13?

  6. And now I'm back. :D

  7. thanks :D and oh... your now offline :( oh well :D i is cheery today :D

  8. :D Nice avvy by the way.
  9. ah but not VERY well. strang isn't it how such similar words can mean SUCH different things? well good for you :D

  10. hehehe.... lets put tit a different way :p how is your life going :xp:

  11. The Sky, and right now, the ceiling. :D

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