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  1. Happy Turkey Day!

  2. Meh. I'm kinda busy too. Getting ready for a vacation. Heading to the West. I'm going to visit Lincoln's house, Custer's last stand, Mount Rushmore, and other places along the way.

  3. Oh hey, sorry for not answering for such a long time, but I've been busy, and trying to clean up stuff around my house, don't think I'll be working on anything new til maybe a couple days.

  4. 'Sup Forogorn. Any mods you're workin' on?

  5. I sent one because I felt like it, lol

  6. Uh hello there, not sure why you decided to send a Friend Invite, but whatever...

  7. In the skin you posted, are you trying to get a camouflage look?

  8. Interesting combo you've got there. HK-47 avatar, and the Jedi Code signature.:p

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