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  1. so to get this straight all we know so far is bh smuggler rep commando sith warrior?
  2. well 999oq is great sure but what about cond/sr/hr/and UT have a trader looking for a variety of stats not just oq... i heard musty has some primo aluminum but of course i dont have the expansion
  3. oh thanks for clearing that up thought i was missing something
  4. makes me wish i wasnt at work to view the article. this is very interesting though so a sith warrior doesnt use a ls and only force or i am wrong?
  5. sith bouty hunter (all range) assasin/spy (has decent range better melee) (wrong answer here) jedi smuggler commando politician/ like leia i also think crafting is not goign to be a single class thing but maybe a tree thing where u can invest in it. interested to see how healing is going to... either conventional doctor class or if players can have like secondary healing powers
  6. forgive my ignorance but what is an oceanic community?
  7. copper really? if u could look up stats for me i doubt it better then the stuff i am getting right now
  8. whats ur ingame name? what resource and what are stats?
  9. any chilastra peeps on this forums? any resources you guys are getting that i shouldnt be passing up?
  10. always been a good guy (dunno why its not my personality) going very sith and MAYBE work my way back
  11. going to be purchasing on the pc as i hear it runs smoother. having trouble finding part 1 i was able to locate 2 at best buy. what do you think hold out for 1 till i find it or is 2 worth getting anyway?
  12. well my job is almost up so i have time just need to juggle with kotor and swg now
  13. going to try to find it on pc
  14. well he was from gamestop he told me it would run for 360 but they didnt carry any legacy xbox
  15. never had to oppurtunity to play either kotor went to the store and wanted to purchase it they told me its out only for reg xbox im like what?! hear good things though
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