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  1. Hello there! And welcome to LF. :D

  2. oi,whats with thar gun on your avatar? it looks like an AK.

  3. What happened is that thre years into reviewing this site, I tried to go back to make sure that I had not missed anyone. The reason for tagging them is a thread you have posted on is tagged whereas one you have read is not. So now I tag them to say, 'yes, nick, you did read this one already.

  4. every time you posts a reply on my thread it says 'read'

    why bother with one word?

  5. check out the return of Exoduz- i have started a new fanfic it is on the coruscant entertainment center. chapter 1 is out.

    it is called Adventures of the old republic: chronicles of James Vreson

  6. hey man. i actually like you fic Defects. its hard for me to follow because of the legnth and your style. im not criticizing, im just saying its a big change for me. keep up the good work

  7. i shall begin that after my short fanfic RC-the defects.

  8. Hi ive been reading your Fan fics and i have a few words of advice for you.


    You seem to have too many projects at once, right now im working on a 28 chapter Fic im up to chapter 6 and already done over 3000 words, I suggest instead of putting 3 small chapters up you combine them to a single chapter


    I hope this has helped you im not much of a writer but feel free to send me a PM of you work before you post it if you want some feedback before you release to the world ;)

  9. check out my RC fanfic! republic comando-the defects!

  10. Hey, welcome to the forum. :D

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