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  1. it is a long range blaster build, not a force build
  2. i am in the process of creating an advanced kotor 2 guide. i need to have a few 'builds' for character stories complete with skill sets, feats, attributes, etc. i already have a few............. juggernaut: DS guardian-heavy armor proficiency-all 10 att except con and str-15-pers and trea at 4-pres class- marauder assasin-DS sentinel-stealth run-14 int-14 dex-10 all else-demo-4 stealth-4 comp-4 pres class- assasin (duh) please add some bulds!
  3. Hello there! And welcome to LF. :D

  4. hanharr. chewie may rip your arms out.......... HANHARR WILL RIP YOUR LIMBS OUT AND RIP THE TOES AND FIGERS OF OF EM!
  5. weird.........it dose'nt derive from gameplay....move on.
  6. there are several ways to go about kotor one and 2. how do you? what bulds do you use? my build (the rock wall of i blow you up) kotor 2 DS consular str-10 dex-18 int-10 con-17 wis-10 cha-10 vital feats toughness finesse master feats in attacks (power shot,sniper,rapid) vital powers lightning drain vitality wave crush heal dark side powers prestiege class: lord this build uses blasters and has heavy defence and health. big emphasis of DS force powers. lightsaber not requiered. EDIT: more powerful than you can possibly imagine LS kotor 2 build consular str-10 dex-10 int-11 con-13 wis-17 cha-16 vitals LS powers wave speed prestiege-master gunslinger DS GUARDIAN str-10 dex-14 con-10 int-13 wis-14 cha-10 skilz persuade treat injury feats rapid fire tree 2 weapon tree precise shot tree powers shock tree drain life tree push tree wound tree plauge tree fear tree speed tree weapons 2 sith disruptors or mandalorian rippers upgrades rylith cells mandalorian chambers crippling scopes
  7. oi,whats with thar gun on your avatar? it looks like an AK.

  8. this is an RP about a secret group of sith troopers who assist the republic without either side knowing. it will consist of several missions spanning the galaxy. in addition, atton rand(TSL) will lead the opposite and is the primary villian. carth onasi will be another antagonist. i am using a class system in brief recon-sniper scout-stealthy unarmed combat expert medic-durasteel kolto support-common soldier i need one of each type for attons squad, and again for carth's special ops team. i need all but scout for echo. i will lead echo. abilities of scout climbing like in 'infamous' and can use kotor-esque stealth. computer expert. recon abilities pinpoint accuracy,stealth, repair expert medic abilities healing(duh),execution(like in splinter cell;conviction) support abilities can use any weapon, distraction
  9. remus gravin scout human/zeltron pinpoint and silencer human with a slight tint to skin pigmentation echo
  10. the backbone of the squad the support class carries a blaster rifle scope-nuff said
  11. the most durable class, the medic class heals the squad and can pack a punch with his shotgun sonar sensor demoralizer-makes enemies give up, similar to battle meditation.
  12. What happened is that thre years into reviewing this site, I tried to go back to make sure that I had not missed anyone. The reason for tagging them is a thread you have posted on is tagged whereas one you have read is not. So now I tag them to say, 'yes, nick, you did read this one already.

  13. the scout's brother but not his twin. the recon uses darts on his wrist launcher to make his way to roofs and use his sniper rifle to pick off enemies attachments sonar sensor-sees and marks unseen enemies oil charge- allows use of flamethrower on wrist launcher. STEALTH IS ADVISED FOR RECON AND SCOUT CLASSES
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