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  1. wanna help with my TC mod I'm working on?

  2. 2- Trojan: Trojan will be one of the new party members. He will join you when you are on Malagarr. He will be able to be convinced to join you when you are on the Market Square of the Droid City.

    Trojan will be a droid, but a very special droid. Trojan will be something like Grievious but completely a droid but will be able to wear and fight with a Lightsaber if you chose to train him. He will come in with basic feats like flurry, critical strike etc.

    Trojan will be able to help you through Malagarr and the planets to come, as he can produce the unknown languages.

    Perhaps you can give him cool re-skinned HK-47 version, perhpas something combined like Darth Malak and HK-47? And he must be able to wear a lightsaber.

  3. Alright, what do you need?

  4. Hi, how are you?

    I have a new mod idea, check the team: Team Ilum for the mod idea. But i would like you to create a new party member for the new party of the PC. It will be Trojan, a Jedi Droid. If you would like to create this party member please reply then i can give you a full description of how he will look like.

  5. Awww... that's nothing. Just last year, this man streaked through town on his motorcycle... in the freezing cold, while snow was on the ground. A couple of cops just watched him, thinking that he had more courage than they did... and his employees dared him to do it and then in the end, they had to bail him out of jail... hehe... it made the front line news... and the evening news. I found that pretty humorous.
  6. Well, they did need someone to explain the controls and crap, because 99% of people are far too lazy to read the instruction manual...
  7. I don't believe you can change the starting attributes, but everything else seems to be feasible and it would in fact go with a mod I am doing for K1 anyway, so consider it done.
  8. Well... is this a mod request? If it is... it doesn't belong here... >.>
  9. Only the most important TSL mod in the community; Click Me! GB j7

  10. I understand that... :p


    I'll release the Lightsaber Parts only for those who just want it... but heh... I like adding new content to games... :p


    Anyway... I'll try and make it compatible to USM but I don't have CRM... I don't even know what CSM is :xp:

  11. Aye, I saw, though TBH, your adding in more; I've just released Force Fashion II - Click Me - which adds a most of the Robes anyway, as well as crystals and lightsaber up grades. The reason for my request being as it was, was to keep things simple, and compatible with other mods; configuring the patcher to change the random loot scripts and to update to globals for the lightsaber quest is a large undertaking, as is either removing or bringing forward the Bao Dur conversation. Specifically, with regards compatibility, I was hoping the mod could be compatible with both TSL:CRM and USM -- GB j7

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