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    sleeping,rugby, fencing, eating haribo
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    Training gummybears in the way of the dark side.
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    Medieval 2 TotalWar
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    Google Chrome
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  1. Oh no i just checked how you knew Max's name:haw:

  2. Cause the play with themselves too much A jedi and a hobo are talking, and the jedi says....
  3. You just called me "Max"... HIOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME?!?!? :p Hey, ner vod.

  4. Then it would take a while? (have never played the game....period) What if i had played Castlevenia 2: Simon's Quest?
  5. Eh.....are you guys joking or something?

  6. Sorry for the late reply and tell Scav I said Hi too. I'm sorry I missed him while I was out for awhile, I noticed he got banned again before I had a chance to shoot the bull with him, that sucks.

  7. The worl would be pure-i-fied What if this game was never made up?
  8. ^ No, Colonel White doent GO mad, he IS mad
  9. Granted, but you fell asleep in your car and drove off a cliff 'cause you used all your energy thinking up a wish.(Oops soz will ruin his wish ^^...NOW!) Granted but they use you aswell and your the crappiest character there and you get MAGICALLY teleported into the game and get killed by a variety of characters I wish...I WISH FOR A MAGICAL CHRISTMAS!!
  10. Heh not been here for a while....I am seeing some nice work i would try myself but...yeah i would be ***t but dont worry!! i will request a new one soon
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