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  1. Cause the play with themselves too much A jedi and a hobo are talking, and the jedi says....
  2. Then it would take a while? (have never played the game....period) What if i had played Castlevenia 2: Simon's Quest?
  3. Eh.....are you guys joking or something?

  4. The worl would be pure-i-fied What if this game was never made up?
  5. ^ No, Colonel White doent GO mad, he IS mad
  6. Granted, but you fell asleep in your car and drove off a cliff 'cause you used all your energy thinking up a wish.(Oops soz will ruin his wish ^^...NOW!) Granted but they use you aswell and your the crappiest character there and you get MAGICALLY teleported into the game and get killed by a variety of characters I wish...I WISH FOR A MAGICAL CHRISTMAS!!
  7. Heh not been here for a while....I am seeing some nice work i would try myself but...yeah i would be ***t but dont worry!! i will request a new one soon
  8. I would, but i would have to buy plane tickets Take over the dark-side of the moon (caaa-cheeewwww caaa-cheeewwww )
  9. They end up failing A man walks into a bar with three ducks under his arm...
  10. hey wats up? Scav wanted me to give you his e-mail address


    i take it u know who he is yes :p

  11. I have just been on Amazon (UK) and i cant find it but in the Amazon (US) i can....Anyone else having the same problem? Now i am worried it wont be coming out over here!!
  12. You know that they recorded on 2 different computers yes? It is cool but they aren't actually playing like that......GR8 find tho =)
  13. WHERE!!!!!!!! U have to tell us......plus i think RC would win if it is delta squad
  14. PEE OFF NICK GRIFFINS!!!!! And i second the tearing him o shreds bit, it shal be interesting (shame i wont be there to tell him that :() p.s. evil Q i dont know the REAL britons but the will most likely come from mainland europe seeing as England used to be part of it
  15. oh..............sorry.............but i wouldnt use ebay........just saying
  16. no need for sarcasm mate....i think he only wants the first disk and if you get it from ebay you never know wat condition its in...i dont kno mate...i think youll have to order a knew 1 sorry
  17. probably will always use this one or one from the website where i got this one...enjoyhttp://rocketdock.com/images/screenshots/Wolf_in_winter.jpg
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