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  1. YES!!!! part 2 to tfu is coming out! Will it be available for ps2 life the first was?
  2. ok.. just woundering...

  3. No...just a simple moderator.

  4. Hey, I was woundering what console to get this game for. I'm assuming it's for the ps2, ps3, wii, pc, and 360. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. Coming to PC... sounds epic, Will there be any achievements or upgrades like on the 360?
  6. use cheat engine 5.5 You can change how much $$ you have so you can buy all the bonuses.
  7. TFU:US I know what tfu stands for, but what does us mean. united states? Th force Unleashed:United States makes no sense...
  8. On the ps2 my favorite combat crystol is lightning. My favorite color is RED. My favorite combo is force push + Lightning and Impale. My favorite force power is Lightning!
  9. I played my ps2 and beat the game in 3 days. Beat it again in 1 day, with stats. the next day I was planning on beating it again. I went to load the game but accidentally hit new game. asap I went back to main menu. Went to load game and started my game [it was at 23:34 or something] and it went to the very beginning. I knew for a fact that on the 3rd play i was at kota's ship. went back to main menu and it said that my game was at 00:00!! AHHHH Does anyone else here get this issue?
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