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  1. Troy Baker sharing a lot about his work on the game:
  2. Honestly, I don't care about those flaws. It's Indy, it's an action adventure game, it looks decent enough, I'm gonna play the hell out of this.
  3. Here's hoping that physical (re-)releases of the soundtracks are still in the cards. At least that would be a chance to fix any remaining omissions.
  4. I've always wondered, are digital-only soundtracks that difficult to update after release?
  5. A few more hours until it starts, I guess.
  6. Oh sure, I was referring to Jake's additions in this case.
  7. I'd like to add Rebel Assault 2 to the list, which is another of Eaken's greats. They could have gone for a 3D-rendered one, like the X-Wing/TIE Fighter games, but luckily they doubled down on the "live action" aspect of the game, giving it the full movie poster treatment, including the actors' likenesses.
  8. A bit of a relief that it only affected the ones where I didn't provide the artwork 😅
  9. Thanks! And that was to be expected. The extended album would have needed a second CD, which they probably wanted to avoid.
  10. When my daughter was still playing with her Tiptoi, I looked into hacking it for a short bit, but gave up quickly as printing seems to require a laser printer, which I don't have. Still, it seems to be relatively easy if you just want to swap out sounds. The guy from the video put together a much more technical overview of how scripting and producing images for the Tiptoi works, for thoses interested (English subs available):
  11. And there it is: I've added two versions of Steve Purcell's cover art for "Herc's Adventures":
  12. Thanks to @Scummbuddy's beautiful scans, I've finally started work on this: It looks like the one above was a preliminary version of the art, with further additions and changes painted by Purcell after the fact: Eventually, I'll try to offer both versions.
  13. For completeness sake I should probably work on that one as well, no matter how ugly it is. So, if you can get me a proper scan, go for it! Edit: Oof... one's worse than the other.
  14. Thanks, but those scans are badly filtered. That's why I was hoping for some new, unfiltered scans.
  15. Does anybody here have any material from Herc's Adventures they could scan for me? Somehow there's nearly zero high quality material of it to be found online.
  16. Only seeing this now, any chance for proper 600dpi scans of that centerfold EMI poster? Might make for a worthy addition to the poster project.
  17. The game scales quite nicely to different aspect ratios, so at least that would allow to use windowed mode to squeeze it as wide as possible. Obviously, this decreases resolution.
  18. I think it was in Daniel's interview with Clint Bajakian, where he mentioned that the Adlib versions were (always?) some kind of manual down-convert from the Roland tracks.
  19. Just contact damn support! Do I need to get any clearer than that? *wink wink*
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