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  1. I remember buying them alongside tons of other stuff when EVERYTHING in the TTG store was 90% off and worldwide shipping was free when they had to clear their warehouse. In hindsight I should have bought so much more.
  2. I've updated the existing EU artwork to Zombies Ate My Neighbors with a higher quality version and added the US cover to the game. I've also added several artworks from Ghoul Patrol.
  3. My pleasure! I always thought that artwork would be lost to time, as I've only ever seen it used on the back of the box, covered with text and screenshots and on those tiny auction photos. So finding out that it was used on the Korean manual, got me thrilled to find somebody who could scan it for me. And when I finally found someone AND it turned out that the art was also used on the Taiwanese manual AND that someone was able to scan both for me, I was beyond excited.
  4. Mighoet Sündback made a restoration of it: https://mighoet.artstation.com/projects/aRzON0 Seems to be the best out there currently.
  5. And thanks to Jake, I finally scanned and stitched this: Detail isn't great, but after some AI-tinkering, it'll do:
  6. I've added the rear box artwork of MI2 to the main post:
  7. The image link is broken, but I guess I know which artwork you are talking about. The painted Kyle/Jerec fight, right? I haven't seen a full version of it (I don't think I've even seen a full-size version of it).
  8. Still not working... the last time it got back to working again much faster. Edit: And we're back!
  9. Yeah, it happens from time to time... then it goes back to normal. No idea if it fixes itself or someone actually has to do any work for that
  10. Hey guys, I'd like to put up another request for scanning a few items for the poster project. Currently I am especially looking for material from the earlier Lucasfilm/Activision titles, "Koronis Rift" and "The Eidolon". Both were released on floppy and on cassettes, but the cassette cases usually are too small to provide a high quality artwork. "Koronis Rift" at least had a big-box floppy release on C64 in Europe, which provides a rather large, clean version of Terry Hoff's artwork: Strangely though there seems to be another version of the floppy release, with a cro
  11. If I find or get good material for it, sure.
  12. I've added several posters for Rescue on Fractalus and Ballblazer.
  13. Several tracks have been added: Greetings from the USA The Ball, The Diner, The Bender and the Binoculars Dino Bungee National Memorial
  14. Sí señor. I've added it to the main post.
  15. Thanks for the heads up, I've fixed it. I only took a quick glance at the game's credits on Mobygames.com and used the first music-related entry (which was obviously just the programming side of things).
  16. Some of you might have already seen this on Twitter or some Discord, but I guess this is the right place to post this as well. As a Christmas present to myself I bought a great set of virtual jazz instruments, ProjectSAM's Swing! and Swing More!, which I've eyed for a while for one specific purpose: Using them to finally create a remastered version of the Sam & Max Hit the Road soundtrack by Clint Bajakian, Peter McConnell and Michael Land, so here we go: This is the slowly growing playlist on Soundcloud, and once it's finished, I'll provide download links to the complete sou
  17. Fullfilling this request, I've added two versions of this poster to the main post.
  18. Fair enough, they might still provide great material. I already had the RA poster scanned, but the result isn't great. For Ballblazer and Fractalus I have high-res scans of the original photos used on the boxes and posters, and I've already started rebuilding the posters with those.
  19. Ah, so they are sell-sheets, not one-sheets. The latter would mean they'd be at movie poster size. But still, they might provide great material. I'll happily take 600dpi raw scans to see if I can use them.
  20. My current version of Outlaws was made just from a single box-scan. By now I have a few more box scans, but a poster will surely offer much better quality. Any chance to get it scanned? And what else do you have?
  21. Yeah, colors are more muted, but that's how they look on the art print. And that one was most likely supervised by Steve Purcell himself. Also the colors on the boxes are overly contrasty and generally quite inconsistent.
  22. I finally had the courage to take my "Sam & Max Hit the Road" print out of its frame and scan it. All three posters have been replaced in the main post. The upgrade in quality is quite extreme, so here are a few comparisons at full size:
  23. I've cleaned up all the maps as well. They'll be used in the LRG box.
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