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  1. Actually, you can also buy it on Qobuz, and not just stream it. Even in lossless, which the other platforms don't support (I think?)
  2. Well, you can see the playlist here: But I haven't had time to inspect it closer.
  3. And there it is: This is releasing tomorrow, and can be pre-ordered, for example, here: https://www.qobuz.com/nz-en/album/return-to-monkey-island-michael-land-peter-mcconnell-clint-bajakian/yner99r4v2o2b It's been condensed down to roughly 70 minutes, which is rather good for a single-CD release, but I wonder what was left off for that. But either way, the first actual official soundtrack release for a Monkey Island game!!! (well, ignoring the SE soundtracks on the retail DVD)
  4. The cover even says "Original floppy version on CD-ROM" 😉 null There are fan-made patches for most LucasArts games that patched the German subs into "better" versions of the games, so I guess it was just one of those versions. https://www.la-patches.de/patches.php
  5. Thanks for the offer! I already have a few scans for SWOTL, but none of them are really clean. If you manage to make a good quality scan, I'll happily take it. My current best quality version of the artwork is the one featured on The Adventure cover, which I've already started cleaning up, but the box might provide some more detail for some parts: And the logo is pretty much done as well: "Their Finest Hour" is more problematic, as the quality of the art on the boxes is really bad. I got a photo of the original painting hanging at Larry Holland's place, but he stopped replying to my mails, so I guess he's not interested in supporting the poster project. The logo is done, though (with high-res assets - minus the Swastika):
  6. By the way, I'm pretty sure there was no German version of "Fate of Atlantis" with English voice. The talkie version was never released in Germany. Can somebody back this up? Anyway, it's a separate case that would require another color in your chart 😉
  7. These are great. I should really start working on those international logos and add them to the poster project.
  8. Regarding the code wheel, anybody got clean 600dpi (at least) scans of each wheel?
  9. Quicker than expected, I've added the new Last Crusade poster to the main post (in 6 different flavors).
  10. I know, AI is a controversial topic, and for many things, I'm really hesitant towards it as well. But when it comes to image restoration, it feels like it's a blessing. Will it bite me in the ass in the long run? Let's hope not! With the help of AI, I was able to reconstruct the Last Crusade box background image (a blurry desert shot, for which I never found the original source) a lot fast and cleaner than before. Furthermore, I've utilized the original promo photo of Ford and Connery, extending it ever so slightly on the right side via AI (the original photo ends pretty much where it does on the original box). Of course, there's still a lot of manual clean-up, masking and color-correction involved, so thankfully this hobby is still giving me something to do. Edit: I've included the sources I've used for the logo, a floppy scan from the LC Action Game (utilizing the same INDY logo as the Adventure Game), and the FM Towns version, for the full logo. Both found on Mobygames (scans by Servo and hoeksmas). The original box scan was provided by TomVDJ years back in this thread. The next step will be adding the marbled paper frame and building several different versions of the poster. Edit: What the hell, here goes. With the tagline rebuilt from scratch (That's "Matrix II Bold" at 45% width, by the way):
  11. I've got a similar one as a gift from a German LucasArts fan with a knack for designing custom big boxes (he offered one to me, since he used my restoration). I think he came up with the design first and the guy above just expanded on the idea (by, well, stealing it). This is the one I have: He also designed this one: They are both empty though (and he only ever sold them at cost, not to make money off of them). Is it presumptuous to assume that our mini-run of MI SE boxes (as seen above left) kicked off several more of these kinds of projects? At least I can't say I've seen many custom big boxes including goodies appear online before that.
  12. You might have noticed that that's my YT channel 😉 Anyway, that arrangement takes a few liberties too many though. Should I do a remastered soundtrack, I'd like to stick at least a bit closer to the original track. Edit: Cheeky bastard 😀
  13. So, I gave the DOTT main titles track a try: Edit: Mh, compared to the in-game track, the MIDI rips seem to be missing certain parts or instrument lines. Gotta investigate further.
  14. Yeah, there's another hour of music missing, so not even close to finished I'd love to do DOTT at some point, but more projects than free time already makes this one take ages.
  15. Nice find! I've added it to the description of the track. By the way, by now I've added even more tracks to the soundtrack, with the most recent ones (still months old, oops) being: Wack-a-Rat Trixie's Trailer BumpusVille The Bodyguard and the Robot Who's John Muir?
  16. These are so good. I think the Royale ones are my favorites.
  17. ScummVM has different shaders for CRT overlays or dither removal. But I don't know if these could be leveraged on a web page. Apart from that, though, it's trivial to just batch-apply a CRT filter to all files (or run them through other tools for some fancier cathode ray simulation).
  18. When I open the PDF in Photoshop, I can choose to open individual images from it. And all images show up with indexed palettes.
  19. Something I've noticed missing are the credits/menu/inventory backgrounds for several games (CoMI, EMI, MI2, S&M come to mind). Maybe some of those aren't that interesting to look at, but for preservation's sake, all of them should be included. Plus, you should probably include clean versions without foreground overlays (like the parallaxes) or sprites (like the cannon "game" from CoMI).
  20. I agree, the ideal presentation would be in the form of a more elaborate website or app. I'm thinking of features like thumbnails and light box view, but also the ability to zoom into the images, switch between different versions of the same background, toggle aspect ratio correction, maybe simulating a CRT screen, etc. Edit: Ah, screw it, I converted them all. Acrobat created a bookmark for each page, named after the file, so those names are still intact as well. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1C3v3cQNGdU6qgElSDKxen5OeU1OtGUNF?usp=sharing
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