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  1. I've noticed that I haven't replied to this. I guess this is the photo you are talking about: My old version was made from a different photo, with much worse quality. Steve recently re-posted this one on Facebook, so I took a stab at it myself.
  2. I finally got my box... luckily no damages. And, to my surprise, the USB drive works without problems.
  3. I guess you're absolutely right. Obviously I was just as touchy back then, or it wouldn't have bothered me that much. But yeah, that's literally in the past, and I guess it just came back up, once I saw my posters used in the Double Fine book (which is a pet peeve of mine, as you probably know by now).
  4. Oh yeah, the separators were added in November... not sure if they help or hinder clarity. And obviously most games are still missing them. I haven't touched the CMI ad in ages. The current hurdles are a) matching the colors of all sources and b) somehow reconstructing the shoreline. Fun-fact: It was painted my Michael Köelsch, the artist who went on to paint the EfMI cover artwork. My sources are the French, English and German version of the ad:
  5. I don't know if this is just stupid though... it was a decade ago
  6. The Dark Forces poster is based on the official promo poster:
  7. As in "invented them"? Well, that's only true for the DOTT Star Wars poster, which was completely built by me. For the others I usually rebuild all credits (except for the GF and FOA posters), as text most of the time doesn't look good enough once upscaled to poster size. It's always fun trying to identify which fonts are used. I am toying with the idea to have a separate thread where I share all my scanned or recreated logos and list the fonts that were used.
  8. Yesterday I posted this: We'll see if he reacts to that.
  9. He made the comments in the thread two days after the Twitter post, so maybe he at least had a slight change of heart. And getting a (mostly positive) blog post by him is obviously very flattering. The jerk comment can only be meant tongue-in-cheek... guess in my memory it was much more severe (plus I obviously dimmed out all the positive things he had to say).
  10. The weird thing is, that not many boxes DID actually have the developers' names on them. I think MI1, MI2, Grim, Full Throttle and DOTT are the only ones (and a few Star Wars games).
  11. I really don't know what to say anymore It wasn't my fault, I swear!
  12. He got more specific in a forum post on the (now gone) Double Fine forums. Edit: Found it on archive.org. And reading the comments now, I think I took them more personal back then, as they don't read that bad now that I see them again. He still called me a jerk in some other comment though
  13. If only devs were able to include the Switch version of ScummVM, as it also supports AGS, if I'm not mistaken. Generally this would allow for so many ports.
  14. I doubt that's the reason, since Thimbleweed Park got a proper, glued big box. But even then, the classic folded boxes were much more straight and at least able to stand upright on their own, while the Broken Age box keeps tipping over. And yeah, I think Europe kept getting glued two part boxes throughout the releases. Although it's a bit weird that a period through the 90s only had those thin flap-top boxes (CMI, Grim, Jedi Knight and all those SW Episode 1 tie-ins), while EfMI and even the Mysteries of the Sith expansion for JK went back to a two-part box.
  15. How can there be no numbers on the pages, but page numbers in the table of contents?
  16. Hey, @CHAOSMAN, haven't read from you for years! Yeah, those dioramas are great, I've seen them pop up every now and then over the last few years.
  17. Well, season 1 has been review-bombed to death on GOG (at a ridiculous 2.9 out of 5), and unlike on Steam, hasn't recovered from it. I wouldn't blame them if they'd avoid GOG's abusive rating system (where you can up- and downvote ratings, I think?) for the time being.
  18. I'd be up for that, although as a fan project, exact replicas could be regarded as bootlegs. Our MI:SE box was at least a mostly original design.
  19. The contents of the USB and the reason for two ToMI discs are the two biggest question marks for me.
  20. Ah, I haven't checked the product page, thanks. Makes sense - they announced that apart from the English DOS versions of 1 & 2 (and whatever is on the USB drive), everything else would be the GOG versions. That means the two SEs and 3 & 4 are multi-language. However, I still don't understand why Tales comes on two discs then. @Rum RogersCould you check the USB drive and let us know which versions are on there?
  21. Ah, so it's CDs, not DVDs. Weird choice... and surprising that MI3 and MI4 still fit on a single disc. Are the GOG versions so small?
  22. How are the discs divided anyway? I've seen that 1&2 are on Disc 1 and 3&4 on Disc 2. If Tales is on Disc 3, what's on Disc 4?
  23. I've updated the Rebel Assault 2 poster with a new version, built from the ground up by scanning the official promo poster (thanks again to @Jake for that one!) and filling the rest with scans by @ATMcashpoint and myself). As always, a massive upgrade in quality. Enjoy!
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