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  1. My processor: AMD Athlon 64 processor 3200+ 2.01 ghz. I launched the game and it's loading very slow. Can any1 help me with this(and plz don't say ''buy a new processor'')?
  2. Can anyone tell me when its gonna be released on PC?
  3. Well thx everyone, but does anyone know the exact value for normal walking and where to put it?
  4. That might be a problem. You see, I downloaded the game from the internet. Plus, I don't know if there is original in CROATIA.
  5. Any suggestions how solve it?
  6. I installed Star Wars TFU Ultimate Sith Edition and the game won't start! Here's why: I used Daemon Tools to install the game (which was successful), and i mounted DVD 2 and started the game. Then it said to unmount all drives on DT(I don't know why). Then I couldn't start the game beacuse it said that I need DVD 2. I burned all in the MDF file on DVD-DL, the I put it into the computer, I started the game and it said that I need DVD 2.
  7. I was wondering, does anyone know about a mod where you play as luke on his mission from jk2 in lenico belt(where you found doomgiver)?
  8. is there a mod that puts desann in game and cutscenes, his saber, sounds and taunts?
  9. I have ATI Radeon HD 4670 card
  10. Well, I don't know much about cards, but I'll give you more crash details. When the loading bar is full the game crashes.
  11. I have a problem. When i go to campaign map, then prologue, my game crashes. Can any1 help me?
  12. In Croatian: Hvala! :)

  13. does anyone know how do can i remove a bug where you can't access the weapon screen without choosing a force power?
  14. The Secret Apprentice HK mod doesn't work. Can anyone help me?
  15. is there a mod that i can look like Vader's secret apprentice and use his saber style?
  16. it's(if you can't read it, then know this. i'm a croatian) petar.krajacic@gmail.com

  17. hey, can you send on my e-mail the copy of Exile Average Walking Pace and 1st Person Force Sight mod for TSL? Download location on filefront is dead.

  18. does anyone has skins for from star wars original trilogy for Tsl?
  19. oh, thank you jonathan7!! thanks a lot!!!
  20. when i played on DS, after the battle of telos i talked to carth about revan. is there anyway that you can meet revan in TSL(on PC version)?
  21. he can't, but you can use the KSE(kotor savegame editor) to edit his class.
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