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    I love fluffy bunny rabbits and girly pink things!

  2. i liked your old avvy better

  3. its weird how almost everyone has changed there avatar

  4. sup, is hooper still banned from the website?

  5. you are never on hear darth warren.

  6. why the hek are you a lurker man!

  7. im very interested in your new ark trooper mod.

  8. is there any jedi or sith in it

  9. hows the the ark trooper mod going.

  10. not too bad. you?

  11. i dont think i seen you before but welcome

  12. so what does that mean

  13. what does your rank say

    it dosnt show all the way

  14. sup.i dont know you but, as soon as i saw you avy, i liked you.

  15. sup. sorry for not aplaying to your comments. i have done alot this pass week.

  16. hey your back! i missed seeing you RC posts

  17. good. (except school :xp:)

  18. i see that. i like your warriors of shadow album

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