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  1. This video has racked up nearly a thousand views in the last week, and I've gotten some awesome response on Vimeo: http://www.vimeo.com/6174830. I figured I might as well announce the full game! It's in the classic 320x200, and the style is intended to mimmic the FOA SCUMM interface fairly closely, as if it had been developed along side it and released six months later, essentially. Although the backgrounds are a little more realistic in most places. Story: When a gun run goes bad, Han Solo finds himself stranded on a strange planet somewhere along the outer rim. Now, he must use his wits to ingratiate himself with the local crime lords and establish himself as an invaluable resource if he is to survive. To find a way off this rock, Han will need his trusty blaster, a little money, and lot of luck. You can follow development at my official site: http://www.hansoloadventures.com Thanks guys! ~s
  2. SCUMM lovers will probably get a chuckle from my contribution to the "Star Wars: Uncut" project. Happily, I landed just about the best scene in the movie, so it was a blast to get to do my little version of it. http://www.starwarsuncut.com Scroll about half way down and click on the Greedo thumbnail on the far left column (don't forget to click "Watch Finished"). Or just watch it right here: (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  3. I saw the Troops creator speak at a convention, and he showed a friggin' hysterical cutscene where essentially Boba Fett gets a parking ticket for illegally landing Slave I outside Jabba's Palace. A shot from the scene appears in the Troops opening credits. Has anyone found a "special edition" that includes that missing scene? Because I would give my left thermal detonator to check that out again. -s
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