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  1. But these upgrades are for the old games? Where to find those upgrades? Are those for Xwing and Tie Fighter games?
  2. It will be a complete failure. Google Crome as web browser is ok but I think Windows and especially Windows 7 is the best around. I dubt google will be able to do better.
  3. Better a newer game with more elements from maps to models of ships and land vehicles. A game with the Clone Wars and the Rebellion Era.
  4. I like both. With a good mod they are surely more fun than the original one. Land battles are really what a SW RTS game never had of this quality. Maps should bigger with more variety of things however. Space are fun even if some time the space maps are too small and last too fast.
  5. If they are going to make a new EAW better for them to put their fingers at work.
  6. It would be stupid to have only Old Republic time line. It would be instead interesting to make a more complete game where you can play the 2 eras. EAW I left alot of things out, thing that only mods are making right as map sizes, better models for space battles and more variety of troops. If they are going to make an EAW II they should try to improve the game really alot as nowdays PCs can handle much more.
  7. I still can't get KOTOR run. Anyone found ho to make it run in Win 7? It seems that the II runs.
  8. Yes sure. Well I inserterd the first CD and installed it via the autorun. Then I updated the game to ver 1.03 via it's updater. After this I set compatibility mode "Xp SP2" and "Run as administrator". Then configured to maximum resoltiona and the rest set to default. The game launched but after the Lucas Arts logo the game went black screen to bakground in the taskbar. To close it I needed to use the Task Manager and kill the Program. My specs are : CPU: i7 MB: Asus P6T VGA: Nvidia 295GTX Drivers 192.60 (Latest) Ram: 4Gb I don't know if it's the VGA or what. The Drivers are the latest and the more stable for my VGA.
  9. I heard Lucas would revamp X-Wing and Tie-Fighter with more modern graphics. I hope for this.
  10. I am on Windows 7 RTM x64 and can't play KOTOR. i tried everything but nothing. After the Lucas Logo the game go black screen and reduce to icon to the desktop and I need to use the task manager to kill the process. Any help??
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