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    Eatin' muffins in a spaceship
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    Ask me.
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    KotoR 2
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    omg I couldn't choose
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  1. come bake me some muffins

  2. derpderp i haven't been on this website in forever lol xmas break.

  3. I sent you a PM!!! Answer it!!! :xp:

    Anywhow, post in the New Jedi Order Story Conversion thread, go to the website, join theModding Group, and read my blog.

    You can also listen to the modcast (hosted by yours truly) on the modcast section of the site, or on my youtube channel.



  4. Are you a fan of fan fictions madam Muffin?

  5. Oh, well ok, cool. :roleyess: Now I feel better. :bounce1: So what book did you start reading? ;)

  6. You don't have to apologize lol! I'm not dissing you dude haha.

  7. Your right, I'm sorry about that. :( seriously.

  8. Lol um.. Well numbah one: calm down it's no big deal. >.> And don't take this the wrong way but I'ma get real with you, we aren't "friends". I don't really know you :x sry. I have no problem being friendly n stuff but I don't really know you that well XD

  9. Oh cool I love reading too. :thmbup1: And I'm really big on asking my friends "personal"(I don't know if you would call them personal)questions, I just like to get to know my friends better, and you seem like a really nice person. But if you'd rather I didn't ask you any questions, I would totaly understand, because I can see why you would be suspicious. I mean for all you know I could be some wierd old guy (I'm definately not) but see, how would anyone know. I mean if I could prove it to you I most definately would, but I don't really know how to. :giveup: So yah it's ultimately your choice, I'm NOT going to think any less of you, whatever you choose. I just hope we stay friends either way, because I've never met a girl who likes Star Wars as much as I do, and I'm really excited about that to tell you the truth! :bounce1:

  10. lol well not sure why you're so interested, but I do love reading. Just started a new book actually.

  11. what about um reading??? and i have hours, but i'm sure you still wouldn't tell me. :emodanc:

  12. Umm..i'm interested in a lot of things 0-o I always hated that section. It's such a broad question and might take hours to answer.

  13. So for ur "Interests" in the about me column u say "Ask me." well I'm asking, what are ur interests??? of course if you don't want to tell me thats fine. *sniff* :ohdear:

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