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  1. Can I bump an old thread, got the audio working ok now (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  2. Hiya, Thanks for that link, very helpful I found out the answer on another forum, cmnd 15 (when param == 1) sets up a 'hook jump' which means that the track is looped.
  3. Hiya, In my quick & dirty Amiga port I'm having trouble getting the longer running background type music to loop (re-start), apparently this happens through the soundKludge do_command code? Can anyone see why music is not restarted? This do_command code is just for DOTT BTW, I know SAM & MAX etc uses some of those 'stubbed out' commands. int AmigaSoundEngine::doCommand(int a, int b, int c, int d, int e, int f, int g, int h) { byte cmd = a&0xFF; byte param = a>>8; if (param==0) { switch(cmd) { case 6: return 1; case 7: return 1; case 8: startMusic(b); return 1; case 9: stopMusic(b); return 0; //case 10: stopAllSounds(); return 0; case 11: stopAllSounds(); return 0; case 13: return isMusicPlaying(b); case 16: return 1; case 17: return 1; case 18: return 1; default: warning("SoundEngine::do_command invalid command %d", cmd); } } else if (param==1) { switch(cmd) { case 0: return 1; case 1: return 0; case 2: return 1; case 3: return 0; case 4: return 1; case 5: return 0; case 6: return 0; case 7: return 1; case 8: return 1; case 9: return 1; case 10: return 0; case 11: return 0; case 12: return 1; case 13: return 1; case 14: return 1; case 15: return 1; case 16: return 1; case 19: return 1; case 20: return 1; case 21: return -1; case 22: return 0; case 23: return 1; case 24: return 0; default: warning("SoundEngine::do_command default midi command %d", cmd); return -1; } } return -1; } Thanks
  4. If I can't get my Amiga MUS player working (see my other thread) I might have to use the Midi to Adlib driver to create digital sound instead. What kind of quality of digital samples does the Adlib driver create...anyone know? Eg 22050 Hz, 8 bit, mono?
  5. Hi, I'm working on a port of DOTT to the classic Amiga. The Amiga doesn't handle MIDI very well so I'm using a DOOM based MUS player. Although I found an old DOOM utility to convert MIDI to MUS files (called Midi2Mus...very strange), what I really want is some C source code that I can add to my port. I've found this site that shows the MUS format and C code. Can anyone help?
  6. Hiya, Ok thanks for the info Yep this port is based on one of those other Amiga OS3 ports. I'm just trying to improve the sound quality and program performance.
  7. Hi, No this is not for OS4, it's for the older 'classic' AGA machines running OS3.9. And yep, I am using an older version of SCUMMVM and need to do the music/sfx...already have the graphics running at a decent rate.
  8. Hiya, I working on an Amiga port of DOTT and need to know the audio formats for speech/fx and music. It appears that the music is stored in TENTACLE.001 in (I assume) MIDI format? And the speech/SFX is stored in MONSTER.SOU, no idea of the format though. THanx Update: I think it may be in RAW PCM format which is apparently a WAV file without the header info. I haven't actually managed to load any of my ripped PCM files yet though? Update x2: Ok looks like it's 'Raw PCM signed 16bit, little endian, 5500 Hz, 88 kbps, mono' (which is very low). I think this file might be off the PC floppy version though...hopefully the PC CDROM version is a bit better!
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