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  1. If you encounter multiple enemy Jedi try and get near some reborns, they can distract them and possibly kill them as well. Also forcce speed will make it harder for them to catch you and easier to kill them.
  2. The second part is up The links are in my sig
  3. If you see some either fighting reborns or just standing around then fire rockets and ion blasts at them, also double light saber kill lots of people so you could use that against them.
  4. Is there a mod that let's you walk around the jedi academy in JKA?? like in Jedi outcast.
  5. thanks for the code, I'm playing it on vista so does that have to do with the flashes?? you'll see what I mean about the flashes when part 3 is released
  6. Ok I made a JKA movie and will be posting parts of it every week!!!!! The Link is Also could anyone tell me any cheats that will remove the health and force bar and also in JKA the screen flashes and it can affect the video quality. Comment and subscribe!!!
  7. But I've seen vids on youtube from different people who were playing KOTF. Or were they all created by the guy who made KOTF?
  8. I'm not sure which mod to get, also do these mods remove the single player campaign??
  9. Is there a mod that gives you Republic Armour at the start of K1, by the start I mean in the footlocker all your equipment is in.
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