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  1. The speech.info and uitext.info files are different in XBOX than PC. So you need different tool to edit them: http://www.mediafire.com/?jruh8rfz1p4hosd UItext.info and speech.info files are also supported.
  2. Yes There is not tool to compress back DXT to monkey2.pak Must put changed DXT the appropriate directory. (Extract monkey2.pak to raw format to see extracted directory structure) Bgbennyboy solved my problem, DXT to DDs conversion, and DDS to DXT conversion with XBOX support works at now.
  3. No you must extract image files to DDS not DXT, Edit them paint.Net (or convert DDS to PSD , edit Photoshop and convert back to DDS) And save it with Monkey Image converter. Dear BGBennyboy, Please add XBOX support to Monkey Image Converter. XBOX do not like Monkey Image converted files. If I put converted image, only black screen displayed. Same files works with Windows version. ( I checked original DXT are same on PC and Xbox)
  4. I made a tool to translate Monkey Island SE 2 speech.info file. It support speech.info only (at now ), but later I will add uitext.info http://www.mediafire.com/?gclm9nd012nkmgs I made new version. You may edit uitext.info also. I made a bug fix. Earlier version did not put 00 byte after translated text. http://www.mediafire.com/?0610c4mi1z9bmod
  5. I made a tool to translate Monkey Island SE 2 speech.info file. It support speech.info only (at now ), but later I will add uitext.info XBOX version has different coding, may be I will add later (And If I have lot of spare time my I will add MISE 1 support, but there is a great tool for it) http://www.mediafire.com/?gclm9nd012nkmgs I made new version. You may edit uitext.info also. http://www.mediafire.com/?0610c4mi1z9bmod
  6. Dear bgbennyboy, I tried 0.4 with decompressed pak and did not work for me. When I would like to see an image Ialways receive error mesage.
  7. I have a trouble again. So We made localised (Hungarian) version of Monkey Island SE 1 and 2 for PC and iPhone. I just bought a JTAG XBOX 360, and I would like to make localisation for XBOX also. I try Monkey Island Explorer with Xbox version Monkey1.pak, but it can not handle (version 0.4) I used xbdecompress, than Eplorer opened decompressed monkey1.pak, but extracted dds files are corrupted, I can not open it with paint.net ( it worked well with PC version) Please help Update: Version 0.4 don not work Version 0.2 work with decompresed monkey1.pak, but do not work with monkey2.pak
  8. Is it possible to make other language subtitle version of talkie project? How? We made Hungarian version of game before, but I do not now hown can I make Hungarian subtitled English talked version...
  9. I would like to translate old Indiana Jones the Last Crusade adventure game. I would like to modify room images also. I used scummtr and I saw room images in bm format. I found a great tool: Lucasripper. I can save all in-game room images to GIF, BMP or PNG. That I can modify them. But how can I convert back modified images files to bm format? Or is there any tool to edit bm files?
  10. I used scummrp with indy3vga, but I did not find CHAR files I need special characters to translate game to Hungarian language. Where store characters the Indy 3?
  11. Not et all. Thank you very much your great tools.
  12. Is it possible to repair header ?
  13. If I have a fortunate UI elements are in PNG, that I could translate them.
  14. I extracted pvr texture files from other iPhone games. And I can open them with imagination PVR texture tool. But I extracted pak files of MISE 2 full and light version with Monkey explorer and I can not open them. It's great shame, but I can not edit game files.
  15. I saw Monkey Island Explorer extracted PVR files. First line: 4 ‹ í˝`I–%&/mĘ{JőJ×ŕtˇ Corret PVR files first line: 4 � ŞŞ đ đ PVR! PVR! is missing frm extracted files
  16. I found an OSX app (atPeek), that can explore iPhone apps ipa files (ipa files are actually zip archives). And atPeek can extracts and converts from crushed Apple png and pvr (power VR texture files) to normal (editable) PNG files. I checked Monkey.Island.2.Special.Edition-v1.1-most_uniQue.ipa with atPeek. ( I checked free version also, but the result is same) I was able to extract crushed PNG files from game's main directory ( BKG_iPad_bonusFeatures.png etc) and I was able to edit them. I was able to extract and convert some pvr files with atPeek an other game file. (SW_ Hoth 1.0.ipa, light version is free) But I'm trouble with MISE 2 , because pvr files are in pak archive. atPeek can not handle pak files. So I extract pak files with Monkey explorer and put files to ipa file. But atPeek can not recognize them. I think pvr files are corrupt. (I compared mise2 PVR and Hoth pvr with hex editor and I did not see PVR! characters in the first line in MISE2's PVR files) I can open The pvr texture files, which extracted from SW_Hoth.ipa with Imagination PVRTexToolGUI utility. But it can not open pvr texrures from MISE 2. May be Monkey explorer produce wrong/corrupt pvr files. Is there any decryption process during extraction? Dear Bgbennyboy, Help me, if have you got any idea....
  17. MISE 2 iphone contains pvr and png files, but PNG are apple iPad png files There is a tool to convert them: http://www.hackint0sh.org/f193/73733.htm
  18. Dear Bgbennyoy,


    We translate PC version MISE 1 and 2 to Hungarian language. We used your great tools.

    We put files to http://www.magyaritasok.hu (Hungarian game translation homepage)

    I tray to translate iPhone/ipod version of MISE1 and 2.

    MISE 1 use PNG files without encryption, that I successfully modified Monkey1.ipa (actually ipa is a zip archive), and Hungarian version works well.


    But I have trouble with MISE 2.

    MISE2.ipa contains many png files etc. concept_iPad_10.png in main directory, but I can not open those png files, I tried many applications.

    And other problem is, that I can extract monkey2_iphone.pak with your Monkey Explorer, but game files are in pvr texture formats. But I can not open them. (I tried Photoshop CS5 with pvr support and Imagination PoverVR SDK PVRTextTool)

    I think pvr ang png files are encrypted or compressed.

    Have you got any idea?


    Best Regards,


    Andras Kenez

  19. Dear Bgbennyboy, Could you add pvr support to Monkey island explorer. MISE2 for iPhone use pvr and crushed apple PNG files. (MISE 1 used normal png) I could save pvr files with your tool, but I did not find any application to edit them. Imagination texture tool can not handle them, because this files created with apple texturetool. I saw pvr from games and created with imagination texture tool with hex editor, and 2 files header are different.
  20. I tried to modify MISE 2 for Iphone. I found files with pvr extensions. I tried powervr texture tools but did not open it. (Imagination PowerVR texture tool) Does anybody who knows this file format?
  21. Yo do not need add caharcters, because character maps contains many unused ones. Replace some unused ones. I saw somebody replaced all English characters to Russian characters. You must edit only png files. I linked original and Hungarian characters into translate section: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=201694
  22. You need edit only PNG files, put your language special characters instead unused ones.
  23. I will check it, thanks ( I bought it) And I saw a tool in pirate version... I saw my steam account, but did not find the way to change MISE 2 language.
  24. I'm a trouble to change Language at MISE 2 after setup. I know the way in MISE 1 (C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\LucasArts\The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition\settings.ini) But this way do not work with mise 2. I find ini file, but ini do not contain language section. How Can I change language after setup (I would like to cahnge Ebglish to French for example) I saw a pirate tool , but do not works with Steam version
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