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  1. lol but i dont have kotor 2 LOL. so i guess I'll Just skip the Kreia Part.. hehe. Anyone wanna help yet?
  2. oh.. ok np. Tyvm jonathan7! btw i play kotor 1 lol. not kotor 2!
  3. lol hello everyone, i am new to lucasforums, I joined cause everyone is nice, helpful. i know there is alot of threads about Mandalorian wars... I am making a Mod called: Revan's Past: Mandalorian Wars, in this mod, (maybe this part) i dont play kotor 2, but i kinda know the story... LOL. So im planning to show kreia teaching revan some stuff, (maybe someone can take the kreia model.) and revan having a vision of the whole jedi council, (vrook says the same thing he says to the exile in kotor 2 when hes gonna fight him/her. Would anyone like to help? btw, i am finished the Cut off jaw malak model, but its using the brotherhood of shadow... is it okay if i kinda takes some models from the brotherhood of shadow? cause i need it for the malak cut off jaw, ik there one, but it has those buttons, i toke off the buttons lol.. and the problem is i cant export it to a mdl.. heh. anyone wanna help?
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